Honey it’s the weekend: G. Love, Keb Mo’ and Brooklyn bands invade

G. Love and Special Sauce with Keb Mo
Mercury Ballroom
Friday August 22; 8:00 p.m.
Tickets $40

These two icons of funk, hip-hop, R&B, and incredible talent have taken this tour across the nation. G Love and Special Sauce have teamed up on a tour with Keb Mo. It is a near sold-out show at the famous Stubbs in Austin (yet $12 cheaper than Mercury Ballroom). One would assume it would sell-out in a city like Louisville where G Love has long been adored, but these ticket prices might give folks pause. Not that the night won’t be worth it.

G Love and Special Sauce, a Philadelphia wonder, have played radio friendly and fabulous live performance hits like “Baby’s Got Sauce” and “Shooting Hoops” for over a decade. Keb Mo’ is a Grammy-award winning blues performer who is up there with BB and Buddy Guy. Keb Mo’ is touring with his new Bluesamericana album (available nicely priced right now at iTunes and Amazon).That these two are together is my pick of the weekend…and should be yours as well.

Tattoo Money with Corina Corina
Friday August 22; 10 p.m.
No cover

Tattoo Money are a perfect band, and a terrific band, for the beauty that is Cahoots. With the musical history of that building, and the message of barely believing in love yet never giving up that is Tattoo Money, this Friday show is a late night gem.  Out of Brooklyn, the duo is on tour from Chicago to Nashville, and they hit Louisville for two shows, of which the best show I believe will be at Cahoots. The vocals are stirring, the music is hard and perfectly confused (“DJ Please Don’t Play No Dubstep”). They are joined on tour by the gorgeous  Corina Corina, from NYC, who several months ago released her second album “The Free Way.” Take extra dough. You’re going to want to buy some music.

Jeff Black
The Rudyard Kipling
Saturday August 23; Door 6 p.m. / Show 8
$5 Door

The Rud is about the singer-songwriters, and the staging and venue is perfect for it. Jeff Black has been writing songs for a long time, and making money from “bigger names” who cover him. His hit song “Just About Right” made a huge name for country music band Blackhawk back in 1995. The adventure of watching a brilliant singer like Black is never knowing what song comes out you’ve heard done by someone else. Meet the man who wrote it. Black is all over the Midwest before three Nashville nights, and then to Florida. If you’re a fan of music, lyrics, and hard-working writers, this is where you should be Saturday evening.

Kathleen Hoye Band with Guy Marshall Band, and Uncommon Ground
The Monkey Wrench
Saturday August 23; 7:30 p.m.

Knoxville (home of my alma mater) hits Louisville Saturday night with two bands at The Monkey Wrench. If you know Scott Miller’s music, then you know Knoxville’s music. The Guy Marshall Band doesn’t disappoint. They are a nice mix of old-school country, folk, and a taste of Appalachia tossed in. With the banner of family, loyalty, and storytelling held high, it’s an ideal selection of music with which to down bourbon. Louisville’s own Kathleen Hoye and her band will join in as well just before Guy Marshall. The opener, also from Knoxville, is the group Uncommon Ground.

Daniel Wayne
The New Vintage
Sunday August 24; Doors 8 p.m.
Tickets $5 adv / $8 door

 Sunday night’s best pick is another Brooklyn singer-songwriter, but this guy has a unique voice. A couple of years ago a writer for CBS.com wrote that Daniel Wayne was “one of the top five acts you should see in NY.” He’s played The Living Room, some of New York’s finest music venues, and he’s on a tour through the Midwest. Originally from Cincinnati, Wayne comes to The New Vintage for a show that you’ll not forget. He’s opened for Heartless Bastards, Suzanne Vega, Shawn Mullins, and many others. He’s working with White Diamond Studios in Cincy on his next album, much of which you’ll hear Sunday night.