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Founding Supporters

These individuals have supported Insider Louisville in many ways over the years by investing their time, money and creativity into our fledgling media startup. Without their effort, Louisville would not have the world class independent nonprofit news outlet Insider Louisville has become today. Learn more about our early days here.

Dale Boden – Terrell Boyd – Mark Carter – Douglas F. Cobb – Tom Cottingham – Anne Cottingham – Jill Force – Sandra Frazier – Ed Glasscock – Thomas Halbleib – David Jones, Jr. – Daniel H. Jones – Carol J. Levitch – Sterling Lapinski – William H. Lomicka – Lyn Mabry – Sean O’Leary – Jon Pyles – Stephen Reily – Manning Warren

INcredible Gifts

$100,000 or more
James Graham Brown Foundation
David Jones, Jr. and Mary Gwen Wheeler
Joshua and Melanie Rosenthal
$10,000 to $100,000
Christy Lee Brown, in honor of Mary Gwen Wheeler and David Jones, Jr.                  
Paul & Viki Diaz
Lopa & Rishabh Mehrotra
Hardscuffle, Inc.
The Gheens Foundation
$1,000 to $10,000
Steve Barger
Ambassador & Mrs. Matthew Barzun
Emily Bingham
Nana Lampton
LG&E KU Foundation
Bruce Lunsford
Ed Manassah
Vivian Ruth Sawyer and Thomas T. Noland, Jr.
Kyle Noltemeyer
Carla Wallace and Linda Osanka
Ann and Dick Swope
Elizabeth Helm and James R. Voyles

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