Insider Louisville is on a mission to give a voice to our readers who want to weigh in on the critical issues of the day. We are excited to introduce Insider Voices, a regular Sunday feature for those who want to keep the conversation going when it comes to our five cornerstone coverage areas: culture, economy, education, government and health. Think Letters to the Editor without the envelope and stamp.

Insider Voices is a community-generated page for discussion that will be edited for style and substance. We cannot wait to hear what’s on your mind. See how to contribute below.

Submission Guidelines

Unlike social media comments, this is not meant for a quick response to news or our coverage of it. This is your chance to thoughtfully and eloquently engage, inform, compel, excite, encourage and challenge.

Use the form below to submit your commentary, as well as images, your contact information and a brief description of who you are, what you do and where you live. Be sure to include links to source material and the headline of any Insider Louisville articles you reference.

Remember to be civil — Insider Louisville reserves the right to reject submissions that are not written in the spirit of the page — and to keep your commentary to about 250 words.

All images must be owned by the submitting party. No stock images allowed. We encourage photos from around the community.

Insider Voices is focused sharing ideas and opinions about our community. If you would like to promote a product, service, or event contact us here.

Insider Louisville will continue to seek longer-form newsworthy commentary from organizations, officials, research organizations and the like, which will run during the regular Monday through Friday news cycle.

Need to see an example? Click here or here to read a previous Insider Voices submission.

Email us at [email protected] if you have additional questions.

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