From humble beginnings as a hard-hitting and informative local news blog to a vibrant professional newsroom, Insider Louisville has grown and developed into the first place Louisville’s most informed readers go to keep up with news that most impacts the city in which they live, love, work and play. Below is a brief history of Insider and recognition of the supporters who got us to this point.

In the summer of 2010, sensing a dearth of quality investigative journalism in Louisville, former overseas Stars and Stripes reporter turned local business journalist Terry Boyd launched Insider Louisville as a local news blog, initially focused on getting the true inside scoop on Louisville area businesses.

Boyd was partly inspired by the movie “The Insider,” which was filmed in Louisville and documented the experience of Jeffrey Wigand, the famous former Brown & Williamson executive and whistle-blower who exposed corruption in the tobacco industry. Terry wanted Insider Louisville to be that” Insider” who told the true inside stories and ultimately held the powerful in Louisville accountable.

After three years of passionate journalism produced by Boyd and a small team of freelancers, local serial entrepreneur Tom Cottingham got involved and brought a new level of business experience and personal investment to bolster the effort and seek a financially sustainable business model. Then in the fall of 2013, Cottingham purchased Insider Louisville from Boyd. Immediately, three local investors, led by David Jones, Jr., who believed strongly in Insider Louisville’s mission, provided the initial round of capital that funded the first two years of expansion. By mid 2016, ten other local citizens, motivated by a desire to bring quality reporting on critical topics to Louisville, joined the investment team.

This combined group of local visionaries and supporters are the reason Insider Louisville has been able to build the top-notch team of editorial and digital talent needed to make Insider Louisville an indispensable source of local news for the city. And in late 2017 when the management team recommended the conversion to nonprofit as the best way to make Insider Louisville a permanent vibrant news source for the city, all members unanimously and enthusiastically agreed.

Many thanks to the people below whose return on investment will come in the form of a better Louisville:

Dale Boden
Terrell Boyd
Mark Carter
Douglas F. Cobb
Tom Cottingham
Anne Cottingham
Jill Force
Sandra Frazier
Ed Glasscock
Thomas Halbleib
David Jones, Jr.
Daniel H. Jones
Carol J. Levitch
Sterling Lapinski
William H. Lomicka
Lyn Mabry
Sean O’Leary
Jon Pyles
Stephen Reily
Manning Warren

Now, some 150,000-plus monthly readers strong, we are crossing into a new frontier: Insider Louisville is a nonprofit entity. This means that we will rely on individual donors to support our mission of being an indispensable source of information about local business, public policy, education, health, and culture. We are particularly grateful for you, our engaged group of readers, and hope that you will help us broaden our coverage, add staff and extend our platform.

We will continue to provide our award-winning content, daily newsletters, and educational events, at no cost to our readers.

If you love Insider Louisville as we think you do, and value our expertise and enterprise reporting, become a member. In return, you will become better informed and engaged on issues that affect us all, and together, we can help Louisville thrive.