Here are a few things you might still be wondering about:

Why wouldn’t I just create this content on my own and put it on my own website?

You can and you should! Do that first if you would like. Placing that same piece on a website with heavy traffic that mirrors your audience and a good reputation is step two – it helps define a credibility given by context and it catches the eyeballs of readers who may not know to visit your site or be familiar with your brand.

A second advantage to using a publication like IL to help you, though, is that we can provide the seasoned writer to craft the story with you. If you have too much on your plate or are lacking an agency that specializes in these things, we can get that part taken care of for you using award-winning marketing craftspeople.

Let’s cut right to it. Give me the numbers. How MANY people read this?

It depends on the subject and size of the audience for that subject, but this is typically a narrowcast play. On Insider Louisville, very specialized b2b content often gets 150-300 pageviews per article. Content with a more general appeal may see 600-800 pageviews. Our experience shows that content specifically about an employer and their workplace culture gets more than 800 pageviews.

These numbers may seem small, but you must remember that they key is to get folks to come to this content on their own. Imagine 300 people voluntarily coming to hear your best company representative speak for 5 minutes. That can be worth a lot!

My business isn’t exactly “exciting.” I don’t have any stories to tell.

Everyone – and every industry and business – is full of stories to tell. Many have just never had help unearthing them. Somewhere within the service of connecting brand and publication there must be a creative pitstop. Get creative guidance and ideas in designing the storytelling needed for an effective paid content campaign. Insider Louisville has a team that can help do this, but most ad agencies and even in-house marketing teams do a great job if given the directive.

How much does it cost?

This medium is still fairly new, so there is not a lot of standardization in pricing. Our research within the Louisville market shows options as low as $500 an article in some places. At Insider Louisville, we provide writers and editors and creative engineering, so each piece starts around $1,700.

Does IL have any real success stories?

  • A bank client closed an SBA loan based off an article
  • A client in the insurance industry ran on a Friday morning and had six leads and two sales EOD
  • A business published about their office culture and hired someone living in Dubai because someone he knew and trusted sent him the piece

What should I consider before doing sponsored content?

  • Make sure you are using a publication that fits your audience.
  • Make sure you have clear expectations and you’ve discussed with the publication how you plan to gauge success.
  • Ask how the publication will help you promote the content when it publishes. (IL uses our daily newsletters and social media posts to promote the stories.)
  • Ask how long the content will remain on the site. (IL will typically not remove a story once it publishes, so there is long-term search and SEO benefit.)

Ok… I think I am into it… What is the next step?

Email [email protected].