There are big jobs, and then there are BIG jobs. Edwards Moving & Rigging and Citizens Union Bank are both pros at handling gargantuan tasks.

Edwards Moving, headquartered in Shelbyville, uses semi-trucks and massive trailers to transport everything from 700,000-pound transformers and turbines to more unique cargo like valuable artwork. Founded in 1961, as a house moving company, Edwards now has 140 employees, four satellite offices around the country and handles roughly 350 massive moving jobs annually.

“We moved five turbines from New York to Pennsylvania and with the degree of difficulty encountered in that crowded area with older infrastructure, our solution to that challenge won Trucking Project of the Year,” says John Vaughan, vice president at Edwards Moving. “We have always liked the unusual moves.  Years ago, when our focus was house moving, we moved a house that George Washington slept in near Philadelphia. And we took condos in Toledo and moved them by barge to an island in Lake Erie. Though we don’t move houses anymore, people still love the pictures of the really big buildings.

When Edwards Moving experienced a cyber security attack in 2013, the company knew it needed to call in another heavy hitter to stop the malware invasion. They made a change from their old financial institution and called in CUB Bank.

“Hackers had gotten malware into our system through a fake invoice,” Vaughan explains. “The criminals processed three payrolls in five days through the  previous bank . The hackers took over our e-mail, pretending to be us, and the bank paid it out. It emptied our account of a significant amount of money.”

Kim Dodson, Senior Vice President and Manager of Treasury Services at CUB, is all too familiar with stories like these, and that’s why she leads seminars on cyber security and publishes widely on the topic.

“Because I understood the crime that had been perpetrated, I knew they needed anomaly protection,” Dodson says. “We provided them with our Credit Origination Protection Services (COPS) and we recommended best practices like using a stand-alone computer and a dedicated line for all financial transactions. We also implemented dual controls where one person initiates a transaction and a second person verifies it.”

CUB’s remedy was designed to prevent any future six-figure losses like the one Edwards Moving experienced in 2013.

“The FBI gets involved when the amount is big enough, and this was big,” Dodson says.

Adds Vaughan, “The FBI said in all likelihood it was an Eastern European company that did it.”

Dodson says Vaughan and his team have been ideal clients because they were quick to implement new processes and were extremely focused on details.

“Because of their experience and our expertise with cyber-crime, we have created a great banking partnership,” Dodson says.

When asked why Edwards Moving chose CUB to handle the security breach, Vaughan was quick to answer.

“CUB was the first bank ever to invite us to a cyber seminar. They were way out in front which was impressive for a community bank,” he says. “They were very prepared.”

“We understand that we have to have the technology and resources to keep our customers safe”, said CUB CEO David Bowling.  “We take data security very seriously and our customers expect it.”

Because of their shared experience, Dodson often asks Vaughan to speak at cyber security seminars hosted by CUB.

“John is very passionate about cybercrime because of his experience,” Dodson says. “And there’s not a person in the room who isn’t listening when John speaks.”

Because CUB was so effective at stopping cyber invasions into Edwards’ systems, it enabled Edwards to get back to what it does best and focus on its core business.

“In January we moved a generator and a turbine from Houston to Saskatchewan, Canada.  We started with ice in Houston of all places and ended up with -28 degrees in Saskatchewan.,” Vaughan says. “In one of our most unusual moves, we transported a lead sculpture of a lady for an art vendor.  It wasn’t big but it was very valuable.”

Edwards’ great relationship with CUB helps make these extraordinary moves possible. Edwards and CUB make a great partnership because they share an added value and attention to detail.