In today’s 24/7 connected world, we are facing a human energy crisis. It shows up as persistent fatigue, sub-optimal performance and disengagement. The negative consequences are inevitable when demands persistently exceed our capacity. But there is a solution.

Peter Drucker said it best, “Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy, and then to orchestrate the energy of those around you.”  When you learn to manage your personal energy levels, you become more resilient, more engaged in all facets of life, and you reap the benefits of higher productivity. As a leader, when you put structures in place for others, the positive impact multiplies.

What does managing energy look like?

In 2018 alone, executives from 30 of the Fortune 100 companies participated in Corporate Athlete®, Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute’s transformational course on energy management. This is why the Leadership Louisville Center has partnered with HPI to bring this groundbreaking one and a half day course back to Louisville on April 25-26. Unlike many other executive training programs, Corporate Athlete® is a science-based energy management course designed to strategically help you become more productive and effective under pressure by managing your energy more effectively.

Participants from the last course raved about this learning experience. Patricia Benson, the assistant VP Health, Wellness & Disease Management at University of Louisville, said, “The course was top notch! Thank you for bringing this to Louisville and creating an opportunity for professional growth and, more importantly, personal reflection that will help me be the BEST version of me that is possible.”

Measurable results that matter

Six months after going through the Corporate Athlete® training, participant results endured at work and home:

  • 51% – Improved resiliency
  • 56% – Improved productivity
  • 68% – Successful management of physical energy
  • 71% – Successful management of mental energy
  • 74% – Successful management of life engagement

Are the demands placed on you at work – and in life – exceeding your capacity? Join us in April and learn how to manage your energy, meet increasing demands and also manage the energy of those you lead without sacrificing your health and happiness.

Learn more here:

The deadline to register is April 10th.