When it comes to your business’s data, hoping for the best isn’t going to keep it safe. Most of us know how disappointing it is when a personal computer or phone crashes, but losing personal data is a lot different than losing business data. A power outage, crashed server, or ransomware attack doesn’t just affect you. It affects your customers and your employees, and if you’re not prepared, it could put you out of business altogether.

Data loss is less of an if than a when. As our networks grow, the way we compile and access data changes. We’re using phones, tablets, and computers over WiFi and mobile networks. This unprecedented ease of use has a lot of advantages, but the downside is that it can leave your network vulnerable to DDoS or ransomware attacks. More access for you and your team means more potential access to outsiders as well.

Disaster recovery planning

While it’s impossible to predict where and when a disaster could strike, you can be prepared. Rather than worrying about whether it might be human error, a virus, or a natural disaster that could wipe out your data and bring your business to a screeching halt, disaster recovery planning means no matter what happens, you can get up and running again in a matter of hours.

Disaster recovery is more than a backup. It’s a means for covering all your bases. A robust disaster recovery solution uses physical and virtual servers, cloud backup, offsite data centers, and alternative work locations. As we diversify our networks, we must diversify our backups as well. Regular testing of these solutions is almost as important as the solutions themselves.

Business continuity

Business continuity planning takes your disaster recovery plan a step further. If the worst does happen, and you’re working from a restored system at an alternative location until your business is back to normal operations, who can access what from where? What is your survival strategy? To create a business continuity plan, an impact analysis can take into consideration how your day-to-day operations can continue no matter what. Effective business continuity planning means having a secure method to keep things rolling until the storm has passed.

Who can you trust to build a disaster recovery plan that is right for your business? Big businesses have IT departments dedicated to keeping things running smoothly, but for the small business owner, it can be hard to know where to start. A full time IT hire is a huge investment, to say nothing of the hardware and software investment going independent means, and one person is never going to do the job as effectively as a team will.

Large international companies are one solution, but we all know from experience that in a moment of crisis, it can be hard to reach a human being. No one wants to be listening to muzak, on hold for 20 minutes, getting transferred from department to department while it feels like your business is crashing and burning around you.

Security solutions from Duplicator Sales and Service

In the Kentuckiana area, there’s one office and IT solutions business that puts customer service at the top of its list. Duplicator Sales and Service’s Managed IT department can not only back up and secure your systems and data, but their team can help your team understand how to operate more securely. While they can monitor your systems 24/7 and often warn you before a data loss occurs, they can also help you communicate new security protocols to your team in a personal way that helps everyone understand what’s at stake and how they can step in. If your staff buys into your security protocols, you’re safer every day.

Using Duplicator Sales and Service’s Managed IT department means when you call, you speak to a human being — one who cares about your business. The Louisville company has been in operation for nearly 60 years, and their Managed IT department was built in response to customer needs. Working with them means working with someone who knows and cares about your business. The family-owned company has carried their founder, Harry M. Nash’s, credo into the 21st century: “I don’t pay anybody. Our customers pay all of us. So we work very hard at customer satisfaction.”

It’s estimated that nearly 60 percent of businesses that experience major data loss close within six months. Don’t let everything you’ve built get compromised. Disaster recovery is as or more important than insurance. Protect your business today and call the team. Get in touch with Duplicator Sales and Service’s Managed IT department today: your unduplicated office equipment and IT support professionals.