The staff at Fast Track Copy & Creative Services

The folks that work at Fast Track Copy & Creative Services have a unique perspective on their Elizabethtown community. Every day, they’re there for teachers, students, architects and builders, clergy and church staff, and anyone who needs copies or printed materials. Because of this, they know about the town’s goings-on before many other residents.

The go-to full-service copy shop sprang from community needs. The print shop is also a copy machine and office equipment dealer. That’s how they started in the early ‘80s — as the Elizabethtown arm of Louisville’s Duplicator Sales and Service. In 2000, they started putting large format machines to work printing blueprints, and operating as a physical and virtual plan room for the construction industry.

Just like the folks at Duplicator Sales and Service in Louisville, and their sister print shop, Derby City Litho, the employees at Fast Track tend to stick around. Lead Fast Track coordinator, Kelly Arel, has been working there for 22 years. Of the shop’s 10 employees, their newest, Fast Track coordinator Ann Hartlage, has been there for 17 years.

While Arel and Hartlage hold down the shop and wear many hats, there are several technicians who service the machines they lease and sell, a dispatcher, two salespeople, and a supply specialist. Their manager, Jerry Nash, splits his time between the Elizabethtown shop and the Lexington location.

Small but mighty

Despite the location’s small size, they offer the same high level of service as their headquarters in Louisville. If there’s a problem with a customer’s machine, their technicians typically arrive within four hours or less to see to any problems. Clients in Elizabethtown receive the same prompt service and attention to detail as clients in Louisville.

“We’re like a family. Though I think Duplicator is like a family in general, we’re a little close-knit cluster,” said Avel. “We’re always joking around. There’s all kinds of laughter.” One of the techs, Dale Finley, calls Arel and Hartlage, “the sisters he never wanted,” but it’s all in good fun.

There’s no telling what the day will bring at Fast Track Copy & Creative Services. They do large runs, binding materials for teachers who find that securing rights and producing  books for students more cheaply is the way to go. They produce manuals for factories, and genealogy books for individuals.

They can also run off one or two copies. There’s no job too large or too small for Fast Track. In the rare case that someone asks for something they can’t do in their own shop, they can always work with their parent company, Derby City Litho, in Louisville to get the job done.

“We used to print large NCAA brackets for the Sisters of Nazareth in Nelson County,” said Hartlage. “They’d come in every year before the playoffs.” Each year, Fast Track produces stacks of brackets for their customers to take for free.

A variety of jobs

Their large format machines bring in not only builders and contractors, but all sorts of oddball jobs. Avel recalled a customer who would get large-format outlines printed as templates for scenery backdrops for plays. He would glue them to backboards and paint over the copies.

They also produce novelty checks for awards, presentations and photo opportunities. There’s a huge photo in the shop of their team holding one such check to Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland. All the employees contribute to the fund each time they buy a soda or snack in the office, and each year, Fast Track cuts a check to feed the hungry in Kentucky.

Fast Track Copy & Creative Services offers color copies, binding, faxing, and any other service you’d expect in a full-service copy shop. They do it cheaper than the big guys, too. A black and white copy will run you eight cents. Double sided, 14. If you use copy services, that’s about half the price you’d expect.

Color copies can cost as little as 19 cents per page. A 60” x 36” large-format copy runs $5.00. The more copies you get, the more you save. One of the joys of being a family-run, independent shop is surprising your customers with more-than-fair prices. People who have only used corporate shops before are consistently delighted by how much they save at Fast Track.

Their large-format machines are perfect for running blueprints on a large scale. They can also print banners and laminate them to give polished touch to your celebration or draw attention to a personal or professional announcement.

Duplicator Sales and Service and Fast Track Copy & Creative Services is proud to serve Elizabethtown with the same great service as their headquarters in Louisville. The third-generation, family-owned company is home to your unduplicated office technology professionals who will go above and beyond to make sure you and your office have what you need when you need it.