With the advent of spring, residents and visitors to Norton Commons look forward to a season of sun and fun – and this year that also means the return of last year’s successful opening of “The Cottages” at the North Village Market, 6301 Moonseed Street.

The Cottages, which are pop-up retail stores, had their initial run from the end of July through December 2018, and this season are opening earlier, May 1 and will again continue through Christmas. “The original intent for the Cottages was to act as an incubator space for entrepreneurs,” said Marketing Director Marilyn Patterson. “Four cottages were occupied last year, and of those, two left to do their own thing, but two, Spark Boutique and Blu Collective stayed and expanded into brick and mortar stores at Norton Commons,” said Patterson.

“For people looking to get into retail, it’s a great way to test the commercial waters here in Norton Commons.  It offers a unique, manageable space for entrepreneurs to get their business concept off the ground and then move on to something more expansive that fits their growing needs,” she said.

This year the number of cottages has expanded to six, with two committed so far. Patterson said she is looking for additional tenants and offering favorable and low-risk lease terms, with only a percentage of sales constituting monthly rent. The Cottages for 2019 include besos boutique with another in the works but not ready to announce just yet. (Click here to see beso’s Instagram.)

The North Village Market Cottages, which are Amish-built by hand, were inspired by and modeled after similar structures in Seaside, Florida which offers a similar style of new urbanist living to Norton Commons. During the off season, Norton Commons renovated the Cottages, insulating them and making landscaping improvements and other beautification efforts to the area.

Interior of Besos Pop-up store

True to its trendy ambience, Norton Commons is again offering something unique in the community. “These cottages are first of their kind in Louisville, with that al fresco market space vibe,” said Patterson. “We have a stage with live music, we bring in local breweries to sell beer by the cup, we have rotating food trucks, and there will be plenty of seating for folks to enjoy the atmosphere.”

The Cottages will be open six days a week: Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Cottages area will also be the site for the summer Farmer’s Market beginning in early May to be open Sundays from 1 to 4 p.m., as well as the popular Food Truck Fridays, happening each Friday May 31 through the end of August.