The education requirements for teachers in Kentucky may have changed, but that hasn’t altered the commitment teachers feel to furthering their education. In appreciation of their commitment, the University of Louisville (UofL) has reduced tuition by 25 percent for a select set of teaching programs.

Betty Hampton, Director of Graduate Services for the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at UofL, talked with Insider Louisville about what that means for teachers in the context of reducing barriers they face along the path to advancement.

From her experience helping individual teachers understand their options every day, Hampton knows that teachers face various barriers to earning a master’s degree or certifications—including cost, time commitment and learning methods. According to Hampton, the main reason UofL makes it so easy for educators to go back to school is that the CEHD faculty and staff listen to feedback from alumni and program candidates, and ask, “What can we do to remove those barriers?”

Hampton adds that the state and school districts within the Commonwealth—including Jefferson County Public Schools—regularly provide incentives for teachers to continue their education, such as higher salaries. And now it is easier than ever for Kentucky educators to continue their education—thanks to the 100% online programs at UofL.

Hampton shares three main questions teachers ask, and explains how UofL makes strides to help graduate students overcome them.

Q. How can I afford to continue my education?

A. With UofL’s new tuition reduction program!

Starting summer 2019, teachers enrolled in specific graduate programs at UofL will get a reduced graduate tuition rate of 25 percent off standard graduate tuition, for programs including:

  • Master of Education in Teacher Leadership
    The ten courses in this program (30 credit hours) are designed for certified teachers in Kentucky who want to develop leadership skills that can impact and influence students and peers within their classroom, school and district. Curriculum is structured to strengthen skills in assessment, evaluation, curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners. Specialized courses are tailored to specific content areas and grade levels.
  • Master of Education in Special Education with Moderate and Severe Disabilities (MSD) Concentration

    Betty Hampton

    The special education licensure program provides a strong foundation in general education content, special education theory and methods, and teaching experience. Extensive classroom experience allows students to develop the skills, competencies and confidence for successful teaching, including strategies for inclusion, behavior management, social skill instruction and modifying instruction in the general curriculum.

  • Teaching Endorsements (P-12)
    In addition to master’s degrees, UofL offers programs designed to broaden the expertise and knowledge base of educators while adding valuable credentials through certifications to a Kentucky teaching license. Qualifying programs include:
  • Classroom Reading Endorsement (P-12)
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement (P-12)
  • Instructional Technology Endorsement (P-12)

View the full list of qualifying programs

Q. How can I manage school in addition to teaching and taking care of my family?

A. Through fully online programs at UofL!

The degrees and programs listed above are delivered 100 percent online and offered each semester, including the summer. Endorsement programs can be completed anytime, anywhere, with no set times to meet. For the master’s degree, some courses are interactive webcam sessions that begin at 4:30 p.m. or later. Students can complete their work on their own time and have plenty of opportunities to engage with classmates and faculty. The flexibility to “be in the classroom” from anywhere helps teachers learn around their schedule and family commitments.

Q. Why is UofL the right choice for me?

A. The quality of education and the UofL faculty’s expertise and commitment to students’ success…

“Our faculty members are leaders in their field,” explains Hampton. “They are practicing teachers, experts in their field, and leaders in research. We have a wide scope of educator specialists, from STEM subjects to special education, which other universities can’t offer.”

In addition, faculty and staff in UofL’s College of Education and Human Development are committed to Kentucky teachers and the communities in which they teach. “A master’s degree, Rank I program or certification program not only supports the individual teacher, it supports the students they teach and their families,” notes Hampton.

And… It’s not just the faculty at UofL that are best-in-class. UofL’s Graduate Education online programs have been recognized for instruction quality and learning outcomes by US NEWS & WORLD REPORT in 2019. Also, UofL was ranked as one of the top online colleges in Kentucky for 2018 and 2019 by

“Teachers are lifelong learners,” Hampton notes. “A master’s degree may not be required, but teachers know the value of quality higher education for their students and for themselves. Graduate programs open up career options for teachers who aspire to enhance their classroom teaching skills, take on principal roles or become specialists in specific educational areas.”

We call upon all teachers to enhance their skills and help lead the way for better education in Kentucky. Our graduate programs are designed to help you excel as a teacher in your classroom and beyond, now and in the future—and help you meet your personal and professional career goals.

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