The Leadership Green Room brings leading edge training from around the world to our region so that every leader and rising star can BE better and DO better.  Just as actors visit “the green room” to prepare for their moment in the spotlight, the Green Room courses are designed to immerse you in breakthrough thinking alongside professional peers, so that you walk away with greater confidence, knowledge and connections.

In the Leadership Louisville Center’s newest course lineup you’ll find Simon Sinek’s team delivering his new “Start with Why: finding your leadership purpose” workshop based on his bestselling book and the third most popular TED Talk of all time. (read on to learn more about this workshop)

Also back is David Novak, founder and former CEO of Yum! Brands personally teaching “Essential Leadership Traits,” and The Ken Blanchard Companies are delivering the ”First-Time Manager Experience” and their newest course, “Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager.”  What else is new? Several courses include an online component to enhance and sustain your leadership learning journey.

Why “Start with Why?”

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk is hugely popular, and people around the world love the concept – but why do we need to find our “why”? According to Simon’s co-author of “Find Your Why,” David Mead, the answer is both business ROI and human fulfillment.

“Businesses gain greater loyalty among employees and customers, they have a better ability to innovate, and better profit margins,” said David. “But on a human level – every single one of us deserves to wake up inspired to go to work and go home fulfilled by the work that we do. People give their energy, their time, talent, and resources to do work that matters to them. The natural result is better profit and more market-share. When leaders and organizations find our ‘why,’ it matters to numbers and growth of our businesses.”

David Mead will be leading the workshop at the Leadership Louisville Center on September 20, where he’ll share the training he created to bring the “how” to Sinek’s “why.” This course is already filling up, so be sure to register yourself and your team now at

What else is coming to the Green Room?

Our range of courses provides everything you need to better engage and inspire others, manage change, think strategically, and build critical competencies. See the next 12 months of courses and their descriptions at All Green Room courses are at the Center’s state-of-the-art training facility at 707 W. Main Street. The Leadership Green Room is presented by the Republic Bank Foundation.


July 11-12Crucial Conversations  | Facilitators: Cynthia Knapek & Aaron Miller, Leadership Louisville Center

Designed to teach skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics – at all levels of your organization. By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), you’ll surface the best ideas, make the highest-quality decisions, and then act on your decisions with unity and commitment.

Aug. 22 + online learningThe First-Time Manager Experience | Facilitator: The Ken Blanchard Companies

Without proper training, 60% of all new managers underperform for their first two years. First-time managers who receive the necessary tools and training from the start are set up to become leaders who create engaged, productive teams, and drive greater results for your organization. The only training of its kind, The First-time Manager Experience builds on the secrets of the best-selling book The New One Minute Manager®.

Sept. 20Start with Why: Finding your Leadership Purpose | Facilitator: Simon Sinek’s team and co-author, David Mead

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s ground-breaking TED talk, which is the third most viewed talk of all time, this workshop helps each participant articulate their why and pinpoint the life experiences that shaped who they are. When we clearly understand our own WHY, we can gain a greater sense of purpose within our organization and are able to contribute the best of who we are.

Oct. 16 + online learningEssential Leadership TraitsTM | Facilitator: David Novak, Co-Founder & former CEO, Yum! Brands, Inc.

This course unlocks the secret to effective leadership and how to transform your own style to bring out the best leader in you, so you can bring out the best results in others. It’s all about Heartwiring and Hardwiring your leadership. Heartwiring is about building passionate commitment in others. Hardwiring is using process and discipline around the things that matter most to drive consistent results. It is the combination of the two that leads to exceptional performance.

Nov. 11-12Communication that Inspires & Drives Results | Facilitators: Lisa Zangari & Jo Lloyd-Triplett, Leadership Louisville Center

This course is designed to help you drive productivity and performance in your organization with a motivated, engaged, and satisfied team. You’ll learn how to coach employees based on their individual needs and support their career path based on what brings out the best in them. Additionally, discover more about your own motivating needs and how to make the most of them in your leadership

Dec. 6 + online learningUnlock Team Performance with Personality Profile Data | Facilitator: Leah Eggers & Cloverleaf digital team

This course utilizes self-reflection, feedback from others, and AI-powered insights through Cloverleaf’s online assessment platform, to teach how personality assessment data can be used to position each individual to perform at their best. Working with and through others is a critical skill set in today’s workplace.  Building a high-performing team relies heavily on understanding your own and each team member’s unique personality, strengths, skills, values, and cultural anchors.

Registration is now open for workshops, and special package pricing is available, offering organizations up to 20% savings.  For details on group rates, contact Lisa Zangari, [email protected], or call (502) 753-1490.