FBI fraud sting: Here’s what we know

Developments in the nationwide FBI sting probing fraud and corruption at NCAA men’s basketball programs are unfolding quickly. Here’s what we know — and don’t know — so far.

‘University-6’: The University of Louisville confirms that its men’s basketball program is involved in a federal indictment involving multiple schools. “University-6” in the indictment handed down Tuesday is the University of Louisville.

Adidas’s role: The indictment asserts that Jim Gatto — the director of global marketing for Adidas Basketball — and three other individuals paid $100,000 to the family of a star recruit in order to help one or more coaches from “University-6” land the player. Adidas says it is cooperating.

‘Player-10’: His name is not mentioned in the indictment, but the timing and description of these alleged events appears to suggest that this refers to UofL recruit Brian Bowen.

The bribery money: The family has not commented.

The coach: No word from Rick Pitino

The athletics director: No word from Tom Jurich.

‘Coach-1’: It is still not known why “Coach-1” from UofL in the indictment was not charged for his role in the scheme to bribe recruits, while the four assistant coaches from other school’s who personally accepted the bribes were indicted. What is known is that the coach was videotaped on July 27 at a hotel room in Las Vegas with the defendant while allegedly discussing a bribe another unnamed recruit — “Player11”.

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