In Other News… Snowmageddon, UK is No. 1, James Beard Awards and luring Bill Murray to town

Mayor Greg Fischer jumped into a snow plow at a press briefing on Tuesday

Let it Snow: Hey, it snowed a lot on Monday. You knew that.

Reuters says it was enough to bring the whole central U.S. to its knees. Here in Kentucky, the snow closed down Fort Knox. And it made the government take the week off.

Yep. Sometimes the punchline is sitting right there in the setup.

We had over 1,000 snow plows out across the state and things are still a little crazy in places. I had Good Samaritan Groundhog Day, getting the same guy unstuck at the exact same intersection two days in a row.

And with that comes the accidents — six times what we normally see.

Speaking of accidents, the story of this one made it all the way to the other side of the globe. Sky News covers the rescue of Lady, the dog who fell through the ice in a pond in Louisville. When her owners went to save her, they fell in the ice too.

“Our initial call was for a dog in the water,” said first responder Kent Kruer.

“As we were responding we were updated there were two people now in the water, which changes the game a little bit.”

As the owners were brought to safety, neighbor Nicole Young kayaked out to save Lady.

CBS gives us the list of “The 10 Costliest U.S. Winter Storms.” This one and the earlier storms hitting the east coast aren’t there (yet), but we are on the list at No. 8:

Jan. 17-20, 1994
Overall damage: $1 billion, insured losses $800 million
70 deaths

An outbreak of snowy conditions and bone-chilling Arctic air invaded more than 20 states. Temperatures in northern Illinois plunged, while strong winds in the area created wind chill temperatures of 50 below zero, and even colder. More than 15 inches of snow were recorded in Louisville, Kentucky, on Jan. 17. Temperatures also plummeted in Washington, D.C., with Reagan National Airport reaching a record low of seven degrees.

Meanwhile, up in Boston, the mayor “urges knucklehead Bostonians not to jump out of windows and into the snow,” according to The Washington Post. That’s probably a press conference he ever imagined he’d have.

Coach John Calipari (Courtesy of UK Athletics)

Coach John Calipari
(Courtesy of UK Athletics)

Starting Strong: According to the Associated Press, your University of Kentucky winning Wildcats are No. 1 for the third week in a row. Undefeated and now sitting at a remarkable 26-0 record, your 2015 team is off to the best start in school history.

There are just five games going into March Madness, starting with Auburn tonight at 7. If the Wildcats stay strong, they could join the rare club of teams starting and finishing the season in first place.

Chef Edward Lee

Chef Edward Lee

Master Chef: The Huffington Post says the James Beard Awards — dubbed the “Oscars of Food” — released their semifinalists for 2015 and a few Kentuckians are nominated. Kathy Cary of Lilly’s and badass Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia were nominated in the “Best Chef: Southeast” category and Harlen Wheatley of Buffalo Trace Distillery (Frankfort) landed in the “Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional” category.

Winners will be named on May 4, 2015 at the aptly named James Beard Awards shindig in Chicago.

grind burger crop

Burger Boy: I was a vegetarian for about a year. I had really great reasons for that as I recall, but then my girlfriend made what can only be called “The Greatest Meal of All Time” on New Year’s Day and I can no longer remember what any of those reasons were.

So last year at this time, Thrillist’s list of “The 10 Best Burger Spots in Louisville” would have meant nothing to me. But it’s a new day. Sitting at the top, is food-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar Grind and its B&B burger. At least I think that’s first; they’re not numbered or anything.

So here’s your list:

Grind Burger Kitchen, Prestonia
Mussel & Burger Bar, Jeffersonville
Game, Irish Hill
Bluegrass Burgers, Crescent Hill
Black Rock Grille, Various locations
Big Four Burgers + Beer, Jeffersonville & New Albany, IN
Burger Boy Diner, Old Louisville
Ollie’s Trolley, Old Louisville
St. Charles Exchange, Downtown
Proof on Main, Downtown


Ramping Up: The Oscars are coming up just about any day now, which has some folks thinking about Oscars past. Hollywood Reporter offers up “10 Awkward Moments” from the big awards show. First on the list, your girl Jennifer Lawrence’s Trip up the stairs on her way to claim the “Best Actress” statue for “Silver Linings Playbook.”

ABC News gives its favorite moments and Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 win (and fall) made the list, along with the Ellen DeGeneres celebrity selfie of 2014, of which Jennifer Lawrence also took part.

Wetpaint put together its list of “Jennifer Lawrence’s 7 Best Oscar Moments Ever.” Top of their list is her admission to being hungry at the 2013 ceremony. Her 2013 fall is No. 2; her 2014 red carpet tumble is No. 7.

And Uloop ranks Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 look as the third best Oscar look of all time.

Reader Mail:
I heard Bill Murray is coming to GonzoFest. Can you verify?

Well, I can verify people want him to come. Verifying that he’s actually coming is a bit trickier.

Earlier this week, we ran a piece: “GonzoFest 2015: Organizers wooing Bill Murray with viral campaign.” It started as a #billtotheville social media tag and they’re hoping the whole thing blows up and goes viral.

So the answer: too soon to tell, I guess. But Murray is notoriously unpredictable and tough to pin down, which one can use to make the case for him coming or not coming.

For example, if you want to work with him, there’s an 800 number to call, says USA Today. They recount Theodore Melfi’s attempts to cast and meet with Murray for the film, “St. Vincent.” And that 800 number is the only way you can make contact, the only number he gives out. His lawyer says it’s the only number he has too. And if Murray wants to hear more, he’ll call you. Or invite you out to chat, but that’s all your getting.

On the “Lost in Translation” DVD, Sofia Coppola is on location in Japan and an absolute wreck until she hears Bill has actually arrived in the country. It’s like it was always in her head that he might not show up. Mercurial, one might call that.

Here she is talking about trying to get in touch with him:

So, I guess we’ll all find out together.

In the meantime, our own Sara Havens profiles a theatre offering worth your time and attention this weekend: Theatre 502’s “Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play.” The whole thing is set against the backdrop of The Simpsons, so it’s fun that way, but not really about The Simpsons, per se. In much the same way as “The Walking Dead” isn’t wholly about the zombies, so much as the zombies are the vehicle to talk about other things.

Anyway. It’s an insanely cool production at the Clifton Center and it’s the kind of thing Louisville is really fortunate to have. Hope you’ll take advantage.

See you next week.