Copper & Kings rolls out its new outdoor event space on Oaks, but here’s a quick peek at it

The B&RN is a covered event space inside the Copper & Kings courtyard. | Photo by Sara Havens

Copper & Kings, the only brandy distillery in bourbon country, continues to push the envelope when it comes to new products, collaborations and ways of doing things.

Just in the last few months, the distillery has released a handful of new gins and A Song for You, a limited-release American brandy matured in Kentucky bourbon barrels for five years. The latter is a celebration of its fifth anniversary.

And now, almost a year after C&K opened a swanky bar on its rooftop called Alex&nder, the distillery is ready to show off its latest addition, a permanent outdoor event area in the courtyard that can host a variety of things from dinners to weddings to concerts to film screenings.

The B&RN, as they’re calling it, will get its first use on Friday, May 3, with the Dark Horses Oaks Party featuring DJs Sam Sneed and McKinley Moore, along with DJ Slim Thicc, Axel Roley and special guest DJA (producer/engineer for Diplo, Major Lazer, Lil Wayne, etc.). The event is open to the public starting at 8 p.m., and tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door.

The B&RN, when equipped with tables, can seat around 180. | Photo by Sara Havens

Insider Louisville dropped by Tuesday afternoon to check out The B&RN and also see some surprise renovations to other areas of the courtyard and rooftop patio as well.

We had previously reached out to co-founder Joe Heron, who told us The B&RN is casual complement to the more refined Alex&nder.

“We wanted to create a modern architectural oasis,” he said. “A place of invitation, and a place of entertainment and enjoyment. The designs are modern and artistic alongside functional.”

On Tuesday, Insider met up with C&K Event Manager Jourdan Farris, who was hard at work situating the dozens of tables that’ll seat more than 180 people.

The large structure is located on the right side of the courtyard, opposite the outdoor bar, and is made of the same black steel and wood that you’ll find elsewhere at the distillery, offering a nice contrast to the distillery’s signature color of orange.

Three gorgeous lighting elements hang from the vaulted roof, along with three fans to keep the air circulating.

Farris told us construction began shortly after Thanksgiving and was just completed last week. In addition to The B&RN, the courtyard bar has gotten a makeover, including an overhang, bar stools and a fire pit.

She said a large projector screen also will soon be installed in The B&RN, which will allow them to host screening parties for Louisville FC games, movie nights and so much more.

Farris then took us upstairs for a quick peek at Alex&nder’s patio space, which recently was accentuated with an overhang and a mix of tables and long benches, the latter of which include areas for herbs and plants used in the bar’s cocktails.

Check out additional photos of the new amenities below, and feel free to stop by on Thursday, May 2, for C&K’s free Rooftop Thurby Party (with music by Otis Junior & the Jesse Lees) at 8 p.m., or the Dark Horses Oaks Party on Friday.

Copper & Kings is located at 1121 E. Washington St.