LMPD chief reports fewer crimes, more arrests

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad | Courtesy WLKY

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad said violent crimes had declined in Louisville this year because of better technology and stepped-up enforcement efforts including a higher number of arrests.

Conrad told the Louisville Metro Council Wednesday afternoon that the city had seen 101 homicides this year so far, down from 110 over the same period last year.

Despite the decline, Conrad said the city still was dealing with a “disturbing number” of homicides. More than a quarter of the victims were under 21, and 12 were under 18. At same time, seven suspects were under 16.

The number of young people involved in shootings shows that the community has to continue to come together to find ways to prevent children from getting involved in crimes, the chief said.

Crime has declined across all categories this year, except aggravated assaults, he said.

At the same time, officers have confiscated 1,745 guns, up 6.4 percent. The number of arrests is up 4.3 percent from last year, and citations have increased more than 10 percent.

In the last five months, arrests are up 9 percent, and citations have increased  24 percent.

“People have kicked it into high gear these last five months,” Conrad said.

Conrad said that its comprehensive plan, including task forces and technology such as Shotspotter, a sound-activated gunshot detection system, was working.

But, he acknowledged, “We have a great deal of work left to do.”