Fond owner looking forward to a new start at Logan Street Market

Fond, currently located in Crescent Hill, will relocate to the Logan Street Market this summer. | Courtesy of Fond Originals

Fond, the fine-dining restaurant in Crescent Hill, will change its format and relocate to the forthcoming Logan Street Market this summer, owner Madeleine Dee has announced.

The owner of the building at 2520 Frankfort Ave., where Fond is located, is selling the structure, forcing the move, but Dee says the situation gave her the opportunity to reimagine her concept and accompanying product line, Fond Originals.

Fond consists of weekend-only business hours, serving reservation-only, six-course meals with European themes to just 12 diners at a time. Beginning this summer, Dee says, that concept will be “more fluid,” involving different locations with varying menus, sometimes occurring at public or private events — in other words, kind of a pop-up dining concept.

Madeleine Dee | Courtesy

At Logan Street Market, which is slated to open later this spring, Dee will run a retail store designed to sell her Fond Originals food line exclusively. But that space also will be used for event opportunities; examples she provides include themed cocktail parties or a gourmet cookouts with local chefs.

Dee also was chosen to be resident chef at the market concept.

“The fun is in the unlimited possibilities of taking Fond ‘on the road,’ so to speak,” Dee says.

In addition, her plan is to bring production of her Fond Originals products in-house, from Roma sauce to meatballs to risotto cakes. She has plans to add approximately 40 new items to the product line over the next few years.

The flexibility of the new space will enable Dee to increase production and distribution — her products currently are in stores such as Paul’s Fruit Market, the Wine Rack and others — but to also hire employees.

Given her role as chef and the availability of retail space made the move an easy decision.

“Since I was already going to become the resident chef and regularly put on interactive classes and events,” she says, “bringing my Fond dinner party concept to the market just made sense.”

She says the lease on the current space expires July 1, and the move into the new space will be completed sometime before then.