Great Flood to launch Warehouse Select taproom can series on Friday

The first Warehouse Select beer will be released on Friday, Oct. 26. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Since Great Flood Brewing Co. opened in 2014, co-owners Zach Barnes and Matt Fuller estimate the brewery has produced about 120 to 130 different beers. Needless to say, a few get lost along the way.

“Pretty much since this place started picking up, we’ve had trouble keeping things on tap,” Fuller says, sitting in an office in Great Flood’s production brewery, which opened in the Shelby Park neighborhood last year.

One of those beers was originally called Falconer’s Flight, a double IPA that once was a taproom semi-regular. But that beer hasn’t been brewed in at least a year and a half. Enter Great Flood’s new Warehouse Select series, which will bring back some old favorites and introduce some new experiments along the way.

The program begins with a release of Falcon Punch, the beer’s new name, on Friday, Oct. 26.

Matt Fuller pulls samples of Falcon Punch. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

The plan is to roll out a new one roughly once per month, with 12-ounce cans for sale at the taproom in the Highlands to go along with a draft version as well.

The thinking by Barnes and Fuller is that customers who have followed the brewery since it opened can revisit some old favorites, while more recent customers can get a taste of the not-so-distant past.

In the process, if they try a pint of Falcon Punch — the recipe has been “tweaked a little bit,” prompting the name change, Fuller says — they can grab a four-pack of cans to take home.

Yes, there’s always the option of buying a growler fill, but the idea is to offer the beer 12 ounces at a time for consumption without a deadline. A growler, once opened, will go flat in a day or two, so the pressure is on to finish the beer quickly.

Sometimes, drinking 64 ounces of beer isn’t exactly an optimal way to go, so the Warehouse Select series enables buyers to drink those beers one or two at a time.

And if it’s an old favorite, well, you can keep a can around for a couple of weeks and revisit that beer later. And then you can recycle the cans.

“I’ve got countless lost growlers in my house,” Fuller says. “I think everyone does.”

Barnes and Fuller had the idea for Warehouse Select late in the summer when they brewed the annual Oktoberfest beer, a lager that has become one of their favorites. It’s all gone now, and the Great Flood owners still find themselves wanting one.

Also, with the production brewery usually cranking out core beers for canning and distribution, it felt like time to get back to brewing some favorites.

Falcon Punch was brewed with seven different hops. | Courtesy of Great Flood Brewing Co.

“It was the opportunity to do something fun,” Barnes says. “We don’t get to control much on the production end.”

Other beers coming in the attractive white-and-gold cans will be a wheat beer, another IPA and a dark Belgian beer. One to look out for will be a maple variant of the brewery’s coffee porter.

Some of the beers will be created and released to coincide with a holiday or season change.

Fuller says the first few will be “heavy hitters,” and the 8.5 percent ABV Falcon Punch is a good way to kick things off. The beer was brewed with what he calls “the seven Cs” of hops: Centennial, Citra, Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, Cluster and Crystal.

The hops give the beer a big, fruity aroma, but the malt balance has been pulled back, minimizing sweetness and helping to give the beer a dry finish. The clean beer looks and tastes like a regular IPA rather than a double, and its body is nearly as smooth as a blond.

It’s deceptive.

Pricing will vary depending on the beers. A four-pack of Falcon Punch will be $16, while lower-alcohol beers may be sold cheaper or in six-packs.

“We like all the beers we can,” Barnes says, “but these are kind of favorites.”