A sneak peek inside ALEX&NDER, Louisville’s first brandy bar

Eron Plevan and Mike Padgett man the ALEX&NDER bar. | Photo by Sara Havens

The view is breathtaking, the drinks are both classic and innovative, and the potential is limitless. Copper & Kings American Brandy quietly has been renovating its third-floor, rooftop space, and on Thursday, June 7, ALEX&NDER, Louisville’s first brandy bar, will open to the public at 5 p.m.

Insider got a sneak peek of the space Tuesday morning with Copper & Kings co-founder Joe Heron, and we can attest to its modern, classy décor inside and its chill vibe out on the patio.

Led by bartenders Mike Padgett and Eron Plevan, the bar will feature dozens of craft cocktails made with the distillery’s products, which include several styles of brandy, absinthe and gin. Going along with the music theme the distillery often uses, the cocktails are divided into the categories of Classics (Brandy Alexander, Negroni, etc.), Covers (Mexican Old Fashioned) and Indies (Cali Coast Sour, Guns & Rosé).

It’ll also serve four beers on draft — Against the Grain, Monnik, Sun King and Modelo — four wine options and a handful of mocktails and sodas. Mixers for cocktails will sometimes use the Butchertown Soda product line that is made at the distillery as well.

Joe Heron is happy to show off ALEX&NDER. | Photo by Sara Havens

Cocktails range from $10-$12, beers from $5-$6, and wines from $6-$8.

The open space has several seating options, from bar stools to indoor and outdoor tables to a little lounge tucked in the back.

Heron walked us around ALEX&NDER and made sure to point out its proximity to and soon-to-be incredible views of the new Louisville FC soccer stadium. The view of the city’s skyline also is quite striking from the rooftop.

He says the bar’s main purpose is to help spread the love of brandy by offering people fresh takes on classic cocktails. There also will be a gin & tonic program, as well as a few experimental sangrias.

The bar will not have a full kitchen — “You should eat at one of the nearby restaurants in Butchertown, NuLu and downtown,” says Heron — but it’ll offer a few cheese and charcuterie plates catered by Smoking Goose.

Since opening in 2014, Copper & Kings has strived to go against tradition when it comes to making innovative products, hosting events and establishing its place among a sea of bourbon distilleries. But there’s room for everyone, says Heron, he just has to make sure Copper & Kings stands out.

Consider ALEX&NDER one more notch in Copper & Kings’ belt.

ALEX&NDER will open Thursday, June 7, from 5-11 p.m. After that, its hours will tentatively be Wednesday-Sunday, opening at 5 p.m. and closing at midnight.

Below are some more photos of the space: