Kaviar Forge & Gallery’s final show will feature the art of Louisville legend Bob Lockhart

Art by Bob Lockhart

“Long before Columbus discovered Columbus, Ohio, he discovered liver and onions” by Bob Lockhart

It’s fitting that an established gallery would close its exhibition run with such an established artist like Louisville legend Bob Lockhart. As its grand finale, Kaviar Forge & Gallery is hosting Lockhart’s “My Thoughts on Everything,” which features more than 20 new drawings by the nationally renowned artist.

Insider reported in March that after 15 years as a fine art gallery, Kaviar Forge is moving more toward a showroom space for owner and metalwork artist Craig Kaviar. In a statement to Insider, Kaviar said the building — located at 147 Stevenson Ave. in Clifton — will focus exclusively on his work and will only be open for special events and by appointment.

“We are grateful and take great pride in the work we’ve accomplished over the last 15 years with hundreds of wonderful local, regional and national artists,” added Gallery Manager Kayla Bischoff in a news release.

Art by Bob Lockhart

“Just suck it up, was all the man could say as Carter was disappearing in quicksand” by Bob Lockhart

“My Thoughts on Everything” is exactly just as the title states — Lockhart’s thoughts on today’s issues using whimsical and colorful characters steeped in symbolism.

“Not only are these drawings visually spectacular, they challenge the viewer with tongue-in-cheek humor, pop culture references, satirical word play and surreal introspection,” said Bischoff in the release.

Lockart’s pieces in this show both challenge and comfort the viewer, some bringing to light heavy topics of the political nature, and others poking fun at the world today.

And all contain some aspect of satirical humor that resonates long after you leave the gallery.

Lockhart, 78, retired from teaching art at Bellarmine University more than a decade ago and has since focused solely on his own art. He hosts exhibits here and there, and in 2015, Insider interviewed him on a show of portraits that was opening at Revelry Boutique Gallery.

We talked to him about his process and if he was planning on slowing down anytime soon. Luckily, slowing down is not in his vocabulary.

“I don’t know how you can retire from the creative arts,” he told us. “Even in my garden right now, I’m creating. It’s not something you can switch off.”

Lockhart first received recognition as a sculptor, winning numerous awards, and his art can be found everywhere from the Whitney Museum of Art in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago to the Indianapolis Art Museum and Speed Art Museum. He also has several pieces around the Bellarmine campus, including the 14-foot knight and the portrait of the holy family in the Our Lady of the Woods Chapel.

“My Thoughts on Everything” opens Friday, May 31, with a special reception from 6 to 8 p.m. The show continues through June 29. Kaviar Forge is located at 147 Stevenson Ave.