Thousands could have holds placed on registration for not paying bridge tolls

By Morgan Lentes | WLKY

About 16,000 Kentucky residents could have holds placed on their vehicle registration for unpaid tolls, according to a state official. The measure is expected to start later this month.

On an average day, more than 80,000 drivers make a trip across toll bridges in Louisville. That number has climbed from 72,000 earlier this year.

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Megan McLain, the Innovative Finance Manager for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, said a hold would only be placed on a person’s registration after a multistep process:

1st invoice – just toll, no fees (30 days to pay)
2nd invoice – toll, $5 fee (20 days to pay)
Violation notice – toll, $5 fee, $25 fine (30 days)
Collection notice – toll, $5 fee, $25 fine, $30 fee (due on receipt)
Registration hold – placed 10 days after collection notice mailed

“It’s not that you get one bill, don’t pay, and we put a hold on your vehicle registration,” McLain said. “It’s over a period of 100 days that you haven’t paid your toll before a hold would be placed on your vehicle registration.”

McLain said the holds could also impact more than 15,000 Indiana residents.

“These are the people who traveled back in January or February and have had time to get to this point in the collection cycle,” McLain said.

McLain said the easiest way to pay the toll is by purchasing a RiverLink transponder.