Boundary Oak Distillery launches bourbon production in E-town

The first barrel of Boundary Oak Distillery bourbon is on display at Stone Hearth Restaurant in Elizabethtown.

The first barrel of Boundary Oak Distillery bourbon is on display at Stone Hearth Restaurant in Elizabethtown.

It’s a well-reported statistic that there are more barrels of bourbon aging in Kentucky than there are actual people living here. Well, the gap is about to get a little wider.

Boundary Oak Distillery officially will launch its bourbon production Thursday, Nov. 13, at a reception ceremony at Stone Hearth Restaurant in Elizabethtown. The bourbon production announcement follows the distillery’s successful distribution of its first Kentucky moonshine product in retail stores back in the spring.

The first bourbon to be legally produced in Hardin County in more than 100 years will be on display in barrel at the restaurant, which is located at 1001 N. Mulberry St. Attendees at the ceremony, which begins at 5 p.m., will have the opportunity to “sponsor” the first barrel by pre-purchasing one of the first limited-edition signed and numbered bottles once the aging process is complete.

Boundary Oak Distillery logoBarrel sponsors also can sign the barrel and will receive other benefits offered by the distillery. Ultimately, the first barrel used in the production of Boundary Oak bourbon will be donated for display at the Hardin County History Museum.

In addition, an online worldwide auction will begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday and run for seven days for the sponsorship of the first 10 bottles of bourbon to be produced, which will be signed and numbered 1-10.

The addition of bourbon by Boundary Oaks is expected to significantly increase the number of visitors to the area, according to Elizabethtown’s director of tourism, Sherry Murphy.

“The distillery’s vision is to ultimately be part of the Bourbon Trail,” Murphy said in a press release, “which attracts some 600,000 (to Kentucky) people yearly. There is definitely the potential for a ripple effect in our own community.”

The launch event at Stone Hearth will include a sampling of a Boundary Oak Kentucky Moonshine infused with seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin, apple and cinnamon. An hors d’oeuvres menu featuring a variety of culinary delights also will be served.

Boundary Oaks Master Distiller Brent Goodin will be on hand for the event, along with Frank Smith, representing the Governor’s Office; Judge Executive Harry Berry; Eric Gregory, representing the Kentucky Distillers’ Association and the Bourbon Trail of Kentucky; and other local officials and community leaders.

A limited number of launch tickets is available and can be purchased by calling the Stone Hearth at (270) 765-4898. Cost is $38 per person.