Monkey Wrench hosts ‘March Sadness,’ a tribute to U of L Basketball, on Friday

Turn that frown upside down, Cardinal fans. | Courtesy of U of L Athletics

Monkey Wrench wants you to turn that frown upside down, Cardinal fans. | Courtesy of U of L Athletics

As another NCAA Tournament swirls the bowl for both Kentucky and Louisville fans, you can almost feel a mild depression turning the bluegrass state even bluer. We can blame the oncoming full moon all we want, but a Final Four without a Kentucky team representing is just plain sad.

One local bar owner — and self-professed Cardinal fanatic — has concocted a plan to inject some happiness back into our bitter beaks by hosting “March Sadness: A Tribute Party to Our Beloved Cardinals” on Friday, March 25. The event will feature showings of the last three NCAA National Championship victories for the Cards — in 1980, 1986 and 2013.

Monkey Wrench‘s Dennie Humphrey says the idea came about while he was commiserating with his friend, artist Natasha Sud, who suggested the Wrench throw a party on its rooftop bar to honor previous U of L championship teams because, “everyone who loves the Cardinals knows the Wrench bleeds red,” he says. Humphrey admits that the Cards not participating in the tournament hurt him both as a fan and as a bar owner.

Dennie Humphrey

Dennie Humphrey

“As a fan, we are devastated,” he tells Insider. “As a small-business owner, it’s a $35,000 hit if the Cardinals had made the run.”

But there’s no crying over spilt accusations. Humphrey knows Cards fans will do what Cards fans always do — look forward to a bigger and better season. He just wants to create an environment of camaraderie, of reliving the glory days and conjuring up that unwavering team spirit.

“March Sadness” will feature drink specials ($3 pints of Goodwood Lager, Cardinal Red Sangria and CardsRitas), a small pub menu, and a sing-along of My Morning Jacket’s “Mahgeetah” after every game — the first of which will be shown at 7 p.m.

Admission is free, wearing red is mandatory. The Monkey Wrench is located at 1025 Barret Ave.