The West at Old Henry office development to be ‘unique’ to Louisville

The West at Old Henry was designed to be a unique development for Louisville. | Courtesy WorK Architecture + Design

The West at Old Henry, the massive complex planned for part of a 100-acre development off Old Henry Road, won’t be your average office building.

The project, which has been in the works for about a year, was in a way specially chosen for the East End: a Class A development that will be flexible for tenants, from 4,700-square-foot offices to a large client that could lease the entire building.

The complex, which is planned for a 3.8-acre plat owned by Hillman-Pauly Properties, will feature modern amenities, from an outdoor courtyard to a cafe and lounge. The West will be part of a development owned by the Louisville developer Kevin Cogan.

Renderings of the West show a modern design that Hillman-Pauly Properties partner Jon Pauly said is unlike other Class A complexes in the Louisville area.

“We really wanted to be unique in our design,” he said. “There are other guys in town doing Class A, but we wanted to be different.”

A rendering of the courtyard space planned for The West. | Courtesy WorK Architecture + Design

He said he feels “support companies” would be likely tenants, from law offices to medical offices.

“I don’t think there’s even a bank out there yet,” he said, noting that financial institutions could benefit in an area he feels is underserved in that way.

The inspiration for the building came from similar projects in places like Austin, Dallas and Nashville. Pauly and a group of partners got together to discuss the possibilities, and the ultimate result was The West. The estimated cost of the development was not disclosed.

Janet Lively, a vice president of marketing and business development for Schaefer General Contracting, and Mitchell Kersting of Work Architecture + Design also were in on the planning. TRIO Commercial Property Group will head up leasing the building.

“They really wanted to do something different,” Lively said. “The inspiration was drawn, really, from wanting to have a commercial space that could bring together a lot of newer elements in a community office space that’s different from norm in Louisville.”

She added she expects construction to begin sometime during the second quarter.

A rendering of the lobby planned for The West. | Courtesy WorK Architecture + Design

Pauly said his wife, Holly, will head up interior design of the complex, which will include an open first floor, as well as a liberal use of windows to draw in natural light. Pauly also said the lobby and lounge areas would be available to tenants for after-hours events, which he feels is a unique feature of the planned building. During workdays, these spaces would be available for meetings or for employees to get away from the office for a breather or a cup of coffee.

“The idea is that it’s a common space,” he said.

“They really landed on a truly unique concept that will lure a different type of client,” Lively said, adding that the concept behind The West “really differs from lots of other properties on market now. That’s exciting for all of us. I think the design is progressive and how they want to handle their space is progressive.

“I feel like we’ve got a special group of people working on this, and we’re all looking forward to watching it come out of the ground.”