Celebrating Innovation in Louisville

Louisville, KY

Brief background

In the summer of 2019, Flyover Media Group launched its first publication, Flyover Future, a newsletter about the innovative endeavors that are transforming “Flyover Country”, or the area most commonly referred to as the Midwest.

In doing this, we spend a lot of time looking at the amazing research coming out of regional universities and the synergistic relationships between these institutions and the vibrant businesses and talent in these cities. More specifically, we focus on topics ranging from robotics to health technology to startups and beyond. Any innovation that’s helping our cities thrive, is fair game for us.

Louisville stands out

In the midst of researching these topics, we take note of particular cities that stand out from the crowd. One of those cities is Louisville. And not just because of the horse racing thing—though we love the Kentucky Derby.

With its actively developing ecosystem, cutting-edge medical research facilities, its embrace of technology (including AI and automation of all kinds), and burgeoning venture capital scene, Louisville is a city that is on the move. Like Secretariat after drinking a gallon of coffee.

Louisville Future will cover startups, technology, venture capital deals, business accelerators, local universities, and profile the people who are driving innovation in Louisville. We’ll also provide insightful features about innovative things happening in the culture and arts scene. We hope you join us in celebrating Louisville by subscribing today.