Cynthia Williams | Courtesy of 502 FitPass

Cynthia Williams | Courtesy of 502 FitPass

Fitness classes can be expensive, and some gyms only focus on one type of exercise regime such as spinning, barre or yoga.

But starting this spring, local fitness instructor Cynthia Williams will offer a more cost-effective way to visit multiple gyms each month with her new company 502 FitPass.

“I love the variety. I want to take a bootcamp one day, and I want to take yoga class one day,” said Williams, who runs a bootcamp in St. Matthews Station and teaches at The Reserve and Red Ride Fitness. However, “I can’t afford 10 memberships at 10 different gyms.”

And she’s not the only one.

Taking a cue from similar programs in larger cities, 502 FitPass will allow users to take classes at its partner gyms. For $65 a month, users can take one class at each partner gym during that month. For $30 more, people can take three classes at each gym every month.

“It allows you to try a specific gym three different times, three different classes and three different instructors,” she said. There also is a one-time $30 sign-up fee.

502 FitPass currently has 23 listed gym partners, mostly local boutique gyms, and Williams hopes to reach at least 25 by the time the program launches. That would work out to $2.60 per class for those on the lower cost program. Partners include The Barre Code, River City Self Defense, Dance Louisville, Derby City CrossFit, Yogaia and Red Ride Fitness.

Although the program is free for gyms to participate, Williams said businesses initially weren’t ready to jump in feet first.

“Most of them were pretty skeptical of it, because they were like, ‘Why are you doing this for us?'” she said. “It’s a win-win for them. It’s new foot traffic in their door, and it’s creating revenue for them.”

Gyms are paid a portion of the monthly membership fees based on how many 502 FitPass members attend their classes.

Louisville has strong cycling and running communities, but there is nothing for group fitness, Williams said.

“Competition is good, but it’s almost counterproductive,” she said. “Business builds business.”

Williams is preparing for a soft launch later this month to work out any kinks before opening 502 FitPass up to the broader public. For updates on the program, visit and sign up for its emails.