Nick Baute of Hound Dog Press.

Nick Baute of Hound Dog Press.

One of this year's Hound Dog Valentine's Day cards.

One of this year’s Hound Dog Valentine’s Day cards.

Hound Dog Press is a full service letterpress shop that makes custom invitations, greeting cards, stationary and posters. It uses rare 19th century letterpress equipment and takes on jobs large and small. Owned and operated by Nick Baute and Robert Ronk since 2008, Hound Dog has been in the news recently with their announcement that they’re moving their digs from NuLu to Barret Avenue, a corridor that’s been losing business ever since the closing of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.

Baute believes the neighborhood has potential, and its luck is bound turn around. “We feel it’s a vibrant neighborhood with good visibility and exposure,” he says. “While we don’t rely on foot traffic, we still welcome it and hope to benefit if something, even if not Lynn’s, opens back up there. Either way, we hope the neighbors and tourists alike will find Hound Dog and continue to support us.”

Baute confirms Hound Dog is moving into the space formerly occupied by Nuts N Stuff (1000 Barret Ave.). He hopes to make the move in April. The shop’s current lease at 309 E. Market St. is up May 1.

Although busy with Valentine’s Day cards and orders, Baute agreed to crank out answers to some very important questions …

What’s the most surprising thing on your Bucket List?

grateful_deadRetiring to isolation in the Alaskan wilderness.

What poster was on your wall in junior high?

I don’t recall if I had any posters, but I did hand paint a Grateful Dead stealie on my wall above my bed … my mom and dad didn’t care for that.

If you were mayor, to whom would you give the key to the city?

The ghost of Hunter S. Thompson.

What are your preferred pizza toppings?

Banana peppers and green olives.

Take a look, ladies.

Look but don’t touch, ladies.

If you could be any age for a week, what would it be?


What famous person do people say you resemble the most?

People say I have the chest of Tom Selleck.

Who would you most like to be stuck with in an elevator?

The pizza delivery guy (pre-delivery).