Mollie Creason | Courtesy of Well & Wonder

Mollie Creason | Courtesy of Well & Wonder

Art broker Mollie Creason has always had a passion to knock down the walls of pretension that often exist between a potential consumer of art and an art gallery. She believes many people — especially those in her age group who are in their 30s and 40s — view quality art as only something the wealthy can afford.

She’s decided to knock down those walls and misperceptions with an online collective of Southern artists called Well & Wonder.

“I wanted a site that was light, carefree and not intimidating, but the artists are still professional,” she says. “People don’t think they can afford original art, but I want to show them they can.”

Creason — who is from Louisville and works as an art broker for Portraits Inc. — soft launched her site throughout the last few months and plans to officially ramp up the marketing and promotions this spring and summer. Eight artists are currently on board — all female artists who reside in the South — and she tells Insider she plans to add three more, including Louisvillian Kate Jury. Although all are women, she does plan to add male artists when she finds the right fit.

Well & Wonder is simple, easy to navigate and highly focused on the artists. Creason says she takes a small commission when a piece sells, which goes back into the website and marketing. She wants potential clients to feel like they’re investing in something and someone, and artist bios are included alongside the art for sale.

"Why So Blue" by Kate Waddell of Charleston, S.C.

“Why So Blue” by Kate Waddell of Charleston, S.C.

Creason has many ideas for the future, including two official launch parties (one in Georgia and one here in Louisville), pop-up shops, meet-the-artist events and much more. And she’s thrilled she’s getting such a positive response just through word of mouth.

“It’s been fun to see,” she says. “It’s just kinda spread organically so far, but I’m hoping to cast a wider net in the coming months.”

Take a look for yourself at the talented yet affordable art by Adele Yonchak, Catherine Jones, Renee Bouchon, Nan Jones, Lexie Armstrong, Kate Waddell, Dorothy Shain and Katherine Bramlett.