Olio Event Group and Lauren Chitwood Events have settled into the companies’ new joint office space at 946 Goss Ave. in the Germantown Mill Lofts development.

Both are event planning companies owned by Lauren Chitwood, but the Olio brand is newer and focuses on corporate and business events, while her namesake brand is a wedding planning company.

“We have been servicing corporate clients for years,” Chitwood said. “It was really just that we didn’t have a brand that necessarily had the look, and the Lauren Chitwood Events brand has really grown into a very specific, ultra-luxury, leisure lifestyle brand. It was important that we still looked accessible and very specific for those corporate groups.”

Olio’s clients include Thorntons, Susan G. Komen and the Masonic Homes of Kentucky.

Lauren Chitwood Events and Olio share five employees and team of about 15 contractors who work on various projects.

Lauren Chitwood | Courtesy of Amy Campbell Photography

The companies moved in a couple of months ago following extensive renovation to the building, which was a shell with gravel floors, Chitwood said.

“It was a clean slate in terms of really making it our own, which was a priority for me. I didn’t want to back into somebody else’s spot,” Chitwood said.

She had originally hoped to own her own building but couldn’t find the right fit.

“We really spent a lot of time looking; we considered buying, and the market was tough. We couldn’t quite find anything we liked, so we were really happy to find a place to lease,” Chitwood said.

Between weddings and corporate events, Chitwood said that she stays business pretty much year-round. One big trend she’s noticed is that shindigs don’t span the spectrum anymore.

“That middle of the road is not happening anymore,” she said. “We are either going ultra over-the-top or doing something more low-key and really accessible.”