"A Louisville Tribute to Louisville Music" will pay homage to My Morning Jacket

“A Louisville Music Tribute to Louisville Music” will pay homage to My Morning Jacket

Tribute bands and themed concerts and events like Abbey Road on the River, Rumours, I Heart Heart and Mac Sabbath are a fun way to pay homage to one single artist/band, but the folks behind the annual Poorcastle Festival are taking it one step further by celebrating the music of Louisville.

Titled “A Louisville Music Tribute to Louisville Music,” eight bands will play notable songs from the likes of Slint, Tim Krekel, My Morning Jacket, Bodeco and many more this weekend, May 13 and 14, at Zanzabar. The event is a fundraiser for the local music fest Poorcastle, which takes place this year July 8-10 at Apocalypse Brew Works.

Each night, four different bands will perform sets of songs written and recorded by Louisville-based artists they’ve found most influential. Friday’s show features The Uncommon Houseflies, Justin Paul Lewis, Nellie Pearl and Ben Traughber, while Saturday’s has Cher Von, Karass, Tall Squares and Howell Dawdy.

The late Tim Krekel

The late Tim Krekel

In a press release, event coordinator Shaina Wagner says the idea for the show stemmed from our supportive music scene.

“Often, you can go to a local show such as Twin Limb and see local musician Tender Mercy there, then to a Phourist & the Photons show and see Tall Squares there in support. And vice-versa,” she says, adding that the money raised this weekend will go toward Poorcastle expenses. “The more money we can raise now, the more we can donate to local charities.”

Poorcastle proceeds benefit nonprofits Crescent Hill Radio and MERF (Musician’s Emergency Resource Foundation).

IL freelancer Kevin Gibson, who plays in The Uncommon Houseflies, tells us the concept of “A Louisville Music Tribute to Louisville Music” was particularly appealing to his band. Gibson has covered the music scene for years and is a fan of all the musicians they will pay homage to.

“For The Uncommon Houseflies, it’s a thrill to be playing new songs,” he says. “We play primarily original music, and while we love playiing our own songs, there’s something extra special about taking a break to play some tunes we’ve enjoyed listening to over the years.”

Butch Bayes and Kevin Gibson with Mayor Greg Fischer at last year's Poorcastle Festival | Courtesy of Poorcastle

Butch Bayes and Kevin Gibson with Mayor Greg Fischer at last year’s Poorcastle Festival | Courtesy of Poorcastle

Gibson says the songs in their set are quite personal. For instance, their take on “Standing Still” by the Rumors (not the same Rumours mentioned above) was one of the first Gibson learned on bass. Also, he and Houseflies singer/guitarist Butch Bayes are big fans of the late Tim Krekel, and they each will sing one of his classics.

“I’ve always loved Krekel’s tune ‘Sunshine Baby,’ and it’s a thrill for me to sing and perform it after having listened to it for so many years,” says Gibson. “It’s different than singing along in the car, that’s for sure.”

“A Louisville Music Tribute to Louisville Music” starts at 9 p.m. each night, May 13-14. Admission is $5. Zanzabar is located at 2100 S. Preston St.

The fourth annual Poorcastle lineup was recently released on Facebook, so click here for details on that.