Timothy Lee Haste, who pled guilty to breaking the EMW clinic's windows, has returned to the clinic since his release, despite terms of his probation

Timothy Lee Haste, who pleaded guilty to criminal mischief after breaking the EMW clinic’s windows, has returned to the clinic since his release, despite terms of his probation | Photo by Huxley Morgan

Timothy Lee Haste pleaded guilty on Monday to criminal mischief after breaking the windows of the EMW Women’s Surgical Center twice within the past month. He was sentenced to one year in jail, though he was conditionally discharged on the grounds that he have no further contact with the complainant — the only full-time abortion clinic in Kentucky. However, volunteer clinic escorts observed him outside of EMW’s front door on Tuesday and Wednesday and claimed he was bragging about his release to the protesters gathered there.

According to Anne — executive director of EMW who declines to give her last name for security reasons — neither the Louisville Metro Police Department nor prosecutors told her he was being released, nor of the conditions that he was not to be near the clinic. She says a call to LMPD has not been returned.

Haste was arrested and charged with 1st and 2nd degree criminal mischief on Nov. 11 for causing $1,600 worth of damage to two of EMW’s windows in two separate incidents, first hurling himself through the clinic’s window and then throwing a rock through their front door. According to Tony Harris of the Circuit Court Clerk’s office, the 1st degree charge was amended down to 2nd, which Haste pleaded guilty to on Monday, with his immediate discharge conditional on him not having further contact with the clinic. He has a restitution hearing set for Jan. 5 before District Court Judge Eric Haner.

Haste has been arrested multiple times in Louisville over the past few years for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. In 2006, he was arrested for driving under the influence.

While providing Insider Louisville with Haste’s name, LMPD has not yet provided the record of his arrest, and spokesman Phil Russell says they are “unaware of any specific complaint about this individual in the past few days.”

Volunteer escorts say they have observed Haste over the last two days outside the clinic. The escorts took photos of him as he allegedly laughed and bragged about his release to those protesting the clinic, and they also tweeted those pictures to LMPD.

Anne of EMW told IL that despite her attempts to get information from LMPD about Haste’s release and why he is allowed near the clinic, she has been kept in the dark. Additionally, she claims that either an officer or prosecutor who was in court with Haste on Monday asked her for details about the case, indicating that he did not know she had surveillance video of both incidents, which were not collected by the LMPD until Tuesday of this week.

The shattered front door of the EMW clinic

The shattered front door of the EMW clinic

“I called Andrea Brown, the major of the 1st Division, and asked how this guy got out of jail and why he’s allowed to come outside our place,” said Anne. “She didn’t quite know, and I assumed someone would look into it. But here he was again this morning. I called LMPD again today to see if I can get an answer… and left a message, so I’m still waiting to hear from someone so I can get some answers about why he can be out there.”

“No one will tell me what my rights are. No one is giving me any information.”

This year has seen an increase in arson and vandalism crimes against abortion providers and Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. Anne says that Haste’s vandalism of their windows were the only times the EMW clinic has been vandalized in its 20 years of operation.