Artwork by Kelly McCarthy

A group of mermaids is called what? A pack? A pod? A flock?

In this case, let’s go with a collective, as 14 local female artists will converge on Thursday, May 23, for the first-ever, mermaid-themed art show at The Limbo, a fitting spot since the tiki bar’s decor is ripe with the mythical creature.

The exhibition, simply called the Mermaid Art Collective, will be a multimedia affair since the participating artists come from an array of backgrounds. In fact, during the event, muralist Margo Ella will work on a mermaid mural on the bar’s patio, and Sarah Tidwell will create live miniature mermaid watercolors of your pets.

Sketches by Sarah Tidwell

Other artists participating include Skylar Davis, Suzanne Evans, Terri Holt, Kelly McCarthy, Jae Johannsson, Lydia Comer, Megan Johnson and Amy Golden, among others.

The Limbo Owner Olivia Griffin tells Insider she’s been collecting mermaid art since the bar opened last year, and in December, she did a poll to see if anyone would be interested in a mermaid-themed show.

“I got a lot of responses,” she says. “I like the whole concept of mermaids — not quite human, not quite fish, sometimes gender fluid, and sexy as hell. The Limbo supports a lot of live performances, and this is our first foray into supporting visual arts.”

The show will run from 6 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, and DJ Syimone will provide the soundtrack from about 7 to 9 p.m. Also, you can expect free appetizers courtesy of Limbo chef “Tiki Tony,” aka Mariah Oberhausen.

And don’t forget about mermaid-themed cocktails. Griffin tells us among the drinks available will be Mermaid’s Milk and, of course, Mermaid Mimosas.

In other Limbo news, the bar is planning a Lobster Luau on Sunday, May 26, from 1 to 5 p.m., featuring Campari cocktails, lobster hush puppies, lobster bisque and lobster rolls, all created by Chef Michael Crouch, all included for the price of $65. For that, you can RSVP at [email protected]

The Limbo is located at 411 W. Chestnut St.