The Angel’s Envy Bottle Your Own experience takes place on Fridays. | Photo by Sara Havens

With the influx of new distilleries to the Kentucky landscape, it’s fun to see the creative ways the distillery staff comes up with to set themselves apart. One such new experience is at the Angel’s Envy Distillery, where you can now bottle your very own Angel’s Envy bourbon.

Fans of the brand have been chomping at the bit to go behind the scenes for a hands-on experience, and starting Friday, April 27, their bourbon dreams have come true. For $99.99, you can fill, cork and label your own 750ml bottle of Angel’s Envy, proofed at 86.6, and you also get a commemorative box with a very cool bottle stand fashioned from a used bourbon barrel.

The experience will only be held on Fridays for now, occurring once an hour from 10:10 a.m.-4:10 p.m. You can make reservations online.

The experience includes a bottle stand. | Photo by Sara Havens

Insider was invited to see how the Bottle Your Own adventure works, and we were one of the first to try out the new program.

While we waited for our tour to begin, we talked with Angel’s Envy Brand Home Manager Dee Ford, who explained that she’s been wanting to create an experience like this ever since she visited Scotland and saw many scotch distilleries offering this bit of personal touch to consumers.

But actually bringing that idea to Kentucky and having it fit within the parameters of our three-tier distribution system was the tough part. Ford and her staff worked a long time on the idea and logistics, and getting it just right to make it a one-of-a-kind experience for bourbon fans.

The Bottle Your Own feature does not involve a full tour of the distillery, but you do get to go behind the scenes and witness the still, mash tanks and bottling line.

The process is fairly simple: You are given an empty bottle that has been rinsed with Angel’s Envy; you fill out a sticker with your name, date and batch number; you place the bottle under a spigot that appears to come from a barrel; and you pull down a lever to start the flow of bourbon into the bottle. Once it’s full, you put on the cork and affix the necessary stickers, tax stamps and bar code.

It is then wheeled out to the visitor’s center by an employee, and you pick up the commemorative box at a retail display.

The Bottle Your Own feature is only available with the Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Wine Barrels, but we wonder if it’s successful, maybe they will offer the Angel’s Envy Rye or — a girl can dream — Angel’s Envy Cask Strength.

For now, they’re sticking with the flagship bourbon, but you never know what the future might hold. It’s certainly a unique feature many guests will be up for. In fact, as we left the distillery, they were already booked up for the day.

Angel’s Envy Distillery is located at 500 E. Main St. Tours and Bottle Your Own are only available by reservation.

Here are a few photos from our visit: