Sandwiches and beer come together at the “Sunday Sandwich Snackdown” on Sept. 16. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

There are food and beer pairing events, and then there’s the “Sunday Sandwich Snackdown.”

This first-time, wrestling-themed event coming up on Sunday, Sept. 16, combines local restaurants, local breweries and area wrestlers for a contest in which the attendees vote for their favorite team and ultimately determine the winner of the championship belt.

Another Place Sandwich Shop and Falls City Brewing Co. are partnering up to host the event, which will see a teaming of 10 local restaurants and breweries, which will come up with a beer and sandwich pairing to enter into the contest.

Meanwhile, Ohio Valley Wrestling will set up a 9-foot-by-9-foot wrestling ring at the event, with wrestlers on hand to help promote. In addition, Louisville Championship Arm Wrestling will be there for a short demonstration to add drama to the “Snackdown.”

Allison Casale and Nathan Price, operating partners of Another Place, formerly lived in Portland, Ore., and their experiences there were partially the inspiration for the event. Casale was struck by the amount of collaboration between the culinary and brewing worlds in Portland, so when the couple moved back to Louisville after several years there, they decided to bring their experiences along.

“That was really inspiring,” she said, “the connection between the chefs and brewers out there.”

Louisville Championship Arm Wrestling will be part of the event. | Courtesy of LCAW

She hopes that in part, the “Sandwich Snackdown” will be a “community-building event,” bringing chefs and brewers together socially as well as professionally.

She points out that usually the people involved in the event will be working in their separate businesses or at food or beer events. This way, the connections can form on a personal level.

Pairing chefs with brewers was the first step. Another Place and Falls City will pair off, a natural fit since they are collaborating on the event, with other duos including Against the Grain with 610 Magnolia; Monnik and Lupo; Goodwood and Butchertown Pizza Hall; and Old Louisville Brewery and Toonerville Deli, among others.

Attendees will get a 5-ounce pour of each beer entered, along with a “two-bite” sandwich, Casale said, and then can vote for their favorite in several categories: best beer, best sandwich and best pairing. There’s also a “best shit-talker” category because, well, it’s a wrestling-themed event.

Guest judges also will cast ballots, including chef Coby Ming of the Pine Room, Ryan Rogers of Feast BBQ and Royals Hot Chicken, Chris Goss of Whiskey Dry, and others.

Once attendees cast their votes, results will be announced from the ring and winners will be presented with their championship belts. Former WWE wrestler Al Snow will attend and sign autographs, along with several OVW wrestlers. The arm wrestling exhibition will take place after the voting, and music the rest of the evening will be provided by Way Far Away DJs.

Breweries also will be selling 7-ounce pours for $4 apiece until 8 p.m., and the Falls City taproom will remain open for an informal after-party.

Casale hopes the “Sunday Sandwich Snackdown” will be just the beginning of such culinary-and-brewing collaborations.

“If we’re going to be a foodie town and be having all these breweries,” Casale said, “we need to back it up.”

Tickets are $45 in advance, and space is limited. The event starts at 4 p.m. Falls City Brewing Co. is located at 901 E. Liberty St.