Lynn's Paradise Cafe remains vacant. | IL File Photo

Expect renovation work on the former Lynn’s Paradise Cafe to begin next spring. | IL File Photo

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint founder Pat Martin had given up on buying Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.

He’d called Lynn Winter, the owner, when it went up for sale but never heard anything back, and like many nearby residents and business owners, he wasn’t sure Winter would ever sell.

“It was like she gave us the Heisman,” Martin said.

Once day though, months later, Winter returned his call.

“Out of left field she called: ‘All right, what do you all want to know? You want to buy this from me?’ ” Martin recalled her saying. “This real terse, matter-of-fact ‘Do you want to buy this from me?’ ”

The technical owner of the property is The Fresh Capital Group, a real estate transaction, consultation and advisory services firm out of Nashville, which works with Martin’s Bar-B-Q. The company bought the property for $1.5 million.

“I am not coming in trying to replace Lynn’s,” Martin said. “Just, those types of communities I happen to love a lot.”

He added that the Barret Avenue area reminds him of a neighborhood in Nashville called 12 South.

“What I want to do there is go back and provide that same community restaurant,” Martin said.

The renderings are still in the works, but Martin gave Insider Louisville a peek at the design, which includes knocking part of the glass facade out to make way for a beer garden and pig roasting pit with garage doors to connect the inside and outside. The company plans to refurbish the building and keep the footprint mostly the same.

“It will look like a Martin’s, obviously,” Martin said. “We are going to have a lot of fun there.”

The goal is to open sometime in fall 2017, with work expected to start in the spring. That will likely be music to many people’s ears.

When Winter announced the sale back in March, surrounding business owners rejoiced at the idea that the building would finally be rejuvenated and possibly bring back some of the customer traffic that left when Lynn’s Paradise Cafe closed. However, as the months passed, multiple nearby residents and businesses have wondered what the holdup was and why work didn’t begin immediately on the long dormant restaurant.

“I didn’t want to go run in there and open up a place because we already had this going,” Martin said. “It would have distracted us from Indian Springs, and we didn’t want to do that.”

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