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Ben Affleck is going to be Batman.  Batman in the next Superman: Man of Steel movie, but Batman nonetheless.

Not a thing to do with Louisville, but it’s cracking Twitter in half.

Trolled by the kid from bald captain Star Trek. For balance, a well-reasoned retort:

More at the Hollywood Reporter.

You want we should get on with the column proper?

It’s kind of an all-over-the-place news week for us and we don’t stay anywhere long. But we’ll go ahead and start where we often do: with politics.

School Daze: So The Huffington Post reported yesterday that Rand Paul is siding with Democrats. The issue? School Choice.

Senator Paul acknowledges that it’s an attempt to reach youth and minority voters, something he’s been out doing since he went to Howard University to remind the students of the historically black university who founded the NAACP.

Which is what I find fascinating about Senator Paul after reading about him from week to week for the column: he just sort of tells you what he’s doing.

I mean, you don’t have to look at a particular move and wonder if he’s strategizing for votes; he’ll say, more or less, “Hey, we’re looking for votes.”

So I guess being told you’re being pursued—that I’m going to try to woo your vote—is like being in a bar and the person across from you leans in and says, “I’m flirting with you, by the way,” and then you get to figure out if the direct approach makes your pursuer more or less attractive for it.

He did pick up another endorsement this week, according to ABC News: Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame. “I am a big admirer of Ron Paul and Rand Paul,” says Assange, though he says some of Rand Paul’s views are “simplistic.”



Hot Stuff: You know, the intrepid Insider Louisville World Wide Headquarters sits in the heart of Nulu, so our hearts filled with pride when we discovered our little piece of Louisville on Zagat’s 20 Hot Food Neighborhoods in 12 U.S. Cities.

Zagat namedrops some of our favorites: Rye on Market, Harvest, La Coop Bistro à Vins, Taco Punk, Garage Bar, Please and Thank You, Decca and Wiltshire on Market.

Drinking the Fried Kool-Aid: Back at The Huffington Post, there’s a piece on Kynect, our health benefit exchange as part of the affordable care act, who were pitching the program at the Kentucky State Fair.

I assume they still are, but I’ve not been just yet.

I should think it worth a read no matter which side of the aisle you find yourself sitting. If nothing else, the article brings home the point hat there’s still a heckuva lot Kentuckians don’t know about the plan. We’re not alone there, I’m sure.

Kynect is trying to solve that, it says, but there’s a lot of word to spread and a short amount of time to spread it.

There are political strategies around all of this too, as you know, and The Huffington Post takes a look at what Affordable Care Act implementation could mean for the 2014 McConnell/Grimes race, assuming they both win their primaries.

If you’re a proponent of the act, there’s good news: Congressmen John Yarmuth says that the Obama administration believes Kentucky and Vermont have the best health exchanges going.

Also, fried Kool-Aid is a thing that exists in the world.  My cholesterol shot up several points just writing the sentence.

I Am Iron Man: IRONMAN Louisville is this weekend and has a story on The IRONMAN Foundation Community Fund’s $60,000 gift, in support of nonprofit initiatives in and around Louisville.

I volunteered as a bike catcher at last year’s Ironman—wish I could again this year—and heard more than a few disturbing tales of thumb tacks placed in the road and a couple of knuckleheads in camouflage attempting to jump from the tree line to scare the cyclists out in Oldham county.

People crashed. People got hurt. One racer missed the cutoff time by one minute because he had to stop to fix a tack-infested flat tire.

Come on now. Let’s go shenanigans-free this year. We’re not dream-killers here and big picture: this is a really great thing for the region. It’s a lot of money in tourist dollars and you know, as a city that doesn’t fare too well in overall fitness, it probably doesn’t hurt us to have a couple thousand role models in town.

Quick Hits:

  • Restaurant News Release announced that we’re getting our third Zaxby’s at 10715 Dixie Highway, opening Monday, August 26. The article makes reference to Zalads and Zappetizers on the menu. Is that true?  Because that is zannoying.But they have 580 restaurants in 13 states to my zero restaurants in zero states, so I concede the point. Zaxby’s: 1; Snarky Writer Guy: 0.
  • Southern Living Magazine named it’s 100 Places to Eat Now and  four Louisville eateries are on the list: 610 Magnolia, Milkwood, Proof on Main, and Serviche.
  • The Guardian runs down the Top 10 Bars in Louisville, Kentucky, penned by Louisville’s own Erin Keane, while Yahoo! Shine also has a list of what it calls the Best Bars in Louisville. Only two bars make both lists, by the way: The Silver Dollar and Bourbon’s Bistro, so those two are the places to go.

On Again Off Again On Again: When I started this column way back in April, the question of the day was: are Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult together again? I’m talking 45 hits on that before I quit looking. And not just on the smarmy sites or the shows featuring the soulless, large head/vacant stare people, but places like ABC News.

Well, August is just about in the rearview and here we are again. The Chicago Tribune asks the question once more: Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult back together again? The San Francisco Chronicle does away with the pesky question mark and announces more assuredly: Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult back on.

To be fair, the Chronicle article went up at 9:01, a full minute later, so their information is likely more current.

E! has a source that says, “the pair were very touchy-feely, laughed a lot and seemed really comfortable together.”

They also had a creepy photographer who was likely three blocks away in a van taking photos, but it was apparently “guy in park” who was instrumental in locking the story down.

I saw a video of Britney Spears on one of the gross parasite shows once—the irony that I was watching one of the gross parasite shows is not lost on me. But it was her and your boy, that lanky dancer guy she married, during a day at the beach and they’re just surrounded by photographers. Four or five rows deep in a 15-foot circle surrounding them.

And then it hit me: there was another group of photographers in helicopters photographing the photographers who were photographing a couple out on the beach.

And that’s the price of a million units sold or opening your movie at number one, I guess.  But I don’t know how we get to be surprised if it brings out the crazy in a few of them. I get testy when they guy in the car in front of me won’t turn when he has the right of way; I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I had a circle of 30 people keeping me from getting where I’m going or had to worry about Creeper McCreeperson photographing me from 200 yards away.

Goodness. Between this and the Ironman item, I’m all preachy this week. I mean, right?  But not to worry: I should be down from my high horse in time for next Friday’s column.

See you next week.
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