If you go to the AROH website, you’ll notice all of the products are marked “sold out.” Locally, you can still get Ben Aroh’s minimalist and rustic shelves and light fixtures at stores like Honest Home, and you can get his KeyStaches in at least a couple of designs at WHY Louisville. But Aroh — already a crowdfunding success story — has turned to a new project, and he’s launching it with yet another Kickstarter.

The Wooden States of America were inspired by the popularity of the Kentucky-shaped KeyStache — wooden wall plaques embedded with magnets to hold your keys, bobby pins, loose screws, what-have-you. Now you can purchase a KeyStache in the shape of any state except for Hawaii — or rather, pledge to Aroh’s Kickstarter campaign and be rewarded by a state of your choice for a pledge of $33 or more.

Aroh’s first Kickstarter effort for the KeyStaches raised $600 more than his goal of $6,000. Just a couple of hours after the Kickstarter for WSA was lauched, Aroh had already raised more than $1,000 from 16 backers.

For this project, Aroh got design help from another local Kickstarter superstar — Tyler Deeb. In 2012, Deeb’s Kickstarter for a beautifully designed deck of playing cards surpassed his $6,250 ask by $140,000. Deeb designed graphics for The Wooden States of America.

Aroh started KeyStaches toward the end of of his college career at Western Kentucky University. He has since graduated and started AROH, and he has been able to work on this woodworking company, full-time.