Move over, bacon, now there’s something more fulfilling joining the emoji world. According to a recent New York Daily News article, bourbon is among 74 new emoji candidates for Unicode 9.0, which will be available to add in June.

The bourbon is shown in a rocks glass with two ice cubes, so whiskey snobs who prefer theirs neat will just have to settle. At least it’s better than a beer mug, wine glass, fruity cocktail or martini.

baconemojiThe highly sought after bacon emoji is among the new proposals, which also include a creepy clown face; a nauseated face; the pink-sweater-wearing lady face-palming herself as well as shrugging; a black heart; a male partner for the cha-cha dancer striking a disco move; a shark; a shrimp; a squid; a rhino; an avocado; a phallic cucumber; a potato; a salad; a gymnast doing cartwheels; and many more. Click here to see the full list.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.06.41 PMThe 74 new emojis are not final and could still be tweaked, modified or replaced. And according to the writer of the article, they probably won’t be available on your iPhone until September, which is typically when Apple releases new software.

Although some might text the eye-rolling emoticon at the merits of bourbon joining the emoji world, I believe it’s one small step for cocktails, and one giant leap for Kentucky.