Image, dated October 18, 2012, of another alleged home of Chris Thieneman, Brownsboro Road.

[Editor’s Note: This post was modified on October 26, 2012 at 5:35pm to include the link to the official “Motion to Disqualify” that has been filed by Robert Walker II against Chris Thieneman]

Since my post appeared on Republican State Senate candidate Chris Thieneman’s little residency problem, every snitch and squealer in town is aching to have their Thieneman story told.

E-mails have jammed my inbox and every computer in my home is hot to the touch from overuse.

This story has rounded the bases in Louisville and beyond, and just as I was set to release a follow-up that contained new information on Thieneman’s residency conundrum, we have found that a lawsuit has been filed to remove Thieneman from the ballot in Kentucky’s 37th Senate District race.

The slow-as-molasses Courier Journal – after ripping off my post to gather info for a brief on the race – has finally printed an article that details the suit. The San Fransisco Chronicle also had the story.

But we have the documents. Check out the official ‘Motion to Disqualify’ HERE (.pdf).

Eighteen hours after my post appeared, I learned about the Brownsboro Road condominium that is now alleged in the lawsuit to be Thieneman’s main residence.

Insiders also told me about the Cliff View Homeowners Association President J.P. Davis, who has been telling anyone who would listen that Thieneman did not live in an apartment above a storage locker business on Dixie Highway.

Here’s what you need to know that wasn’t printed about the players in the lawsuit:

  • Jason Nemes, Thieneman’s attorney, is the son of sitting south end Republican State Representative Mike Nemes. Jason Nemes was involved in filing the injunction against the state that extended the filing deadline for candidates after the redistricting debacle in January, 2012.
  • Robert Walker II, described as the “activist” who filed the suit, was on the ballot for this office in the May primary.
  • Judge Mitch Perry ruled on a similar lawsuit during the primary election, but that suit focused on the validity of Thieneman’s claim of living at Fort Locks on Dixie Highway, not on where he actually lives. This latest suit is different.

State Senator Dan Seum – who is backing Thieneman– tried to run his daughter Dana Stevenson in this very district in 2006 with the very same plan. She won the election but was tossed out when it was revealed she lived in Indiana the whole time.

Essentially, this is all a very complicated story with many incestuous relationships.

The CJ editorial board printed some good lines in their endorsement of Senator Perry Clark in his race against Thieneman. The questions raised by the ed board about Thieneman should have been part of their story.

They weren’t.

I and others in this “new media” business have been following the story since February 2012, gathering information, forming relationships and speaking with insiders.

We have done all the leg work.

All of the hard work.

Just remember, you read it here first.