The Brown-Forman corporate headquarters on Dixie Highway.

After the demise of the local designated driver service CityScoot (9-1-2004 to 7-1-2018), the Brown-Forman Corporation has quietly pushed to the fore an existing partnership with a national service called Dryver.

Dryver is a personal driver service that operates in 77 cities, including Louisville and Lexington, across 32 states, according to its website. All service is provided using customer vehicles, according to the company, which operates by the slogan: “We drive your car, so you don’t have to.”

Taylor Amerman, who leads Brown-Forman’s corporate responsibility efforts, said the company reintroduced the Dryver service (formerly BeMyDD) as an employee safe ride home option this summer with an introductory discount.

While there’s nothing exclusive about the arrangement, Amerman said, noting B-F has a policy in place for safe rides home with Lyft, Uber and local taxicab companies as well, the move was in keeping with the company’s responsible drinking efforts.

“Our goal is to create a responsible drinking culture, and one of the ways to do that is to prevent drinking and driving,” she said.

Dryver was started in Cleveland in 2010 by the entrepreneur Arthur Simanovsky. In a phone interview, Simanovsky said its bread and butter service, available via app, telephone and online reservation, is a personal driver (about $16/hour to about $24/hour) geared to customers who often live in the suburbs and want to use their own cars.

It also offers a car pickup service (similar to what CityScoot offered) at $25, plus $3.45 per mile, and driver teams for events ($45-$53 a team/hour).

Simanovsky said the company started off as a designated driver service but has expanded into tours, concierge services, airport transportation, medical and senior transportation and more.

Screenshot | Dryver Facebook

Drivers must pass a rigorous prescreening and background check, according to the website, and are required to have their own insurance in addition to the company’s $1 million umbrella policy. Customers are required to have their cars insured.

According to the company, when you reserve a personal driver with Dryver, the reservation is based on time, not destination. That means the driver will take you wherever you need to go, pick up your friends and make as many stops as you want for as long as you have reserved the service.

Customers can request the same driver, Simanovsky said, adding that the vetted drivers often hail from the chauffeur industry with years of experience and will arrive in a suit and tie to offer a “more white glove” service.