There will be much more than mimosas at Brunchlesque. | Courtesy of Roux

If your brunch game has grown stale, we’ve got some titillating news for you. Kaiju has teamed up with food truck El Lobo Bailando and burlesque and sideshow group Octo Claw’s Bizarre Bazaar to launch Louisville’s only Brunchlesque.

In case the portmanteau didn’t clue you in, this is a combination of brunch and burlesque, and it’s the best thing to hit your fancy breakfast since the invention of avocado toast.

Kaiju is located at 1004 E. Oak St. | Courtesy of Kaiju

Louisville’s burlesque scene has been growing steadily and has gotten to the point where hardly a weekend goes by without some sexy folks taking as much off as they are legally allowed.

In addition to classic strip tease, the performances frequently include circus elements like aerial and sideshow acts, as well as pulling in performers from Louisville’s flowering drag scene.

The next Brunchlesque, on Sunday, Dec. 3, is only its second go-round after launching the tasty endeavor in November. The plan is to have Brunchlesque on the first Sunday of every month, with a rotating cast of performers. This month the show is going with a holiday theme.

Event organizer, strip teaser, fire eater and glass chewer Artenisia de la Miel set Insider up with two of this month’s performers — London Amoré and Dessi Dis’Asster — to talk about how they got into burlesque and if it’s any harder to peel down during daylight hours.

Amoré has been performing most of her life.

“I’ve been on stage since I was about 3 in some context or another, mostly dancing,” she says.

But it wasn’t until she lived in London while studying Jane Austen and watercolor that she saw her first burlesque show.

London Amoré | Photo by Larry Green

“I fell in love with it. That was in 2011, and life happened, I got back to the states and had to focus on finding a job — until I started training in aerials, I started in silks and now I do lyra as well,” says Amoré, mentioning two aerial apparatuses that make frequent appearances in Louisville burlesque.

Then she saw a listing for open auditions to perform with the Va Va Vixens and decided to give it a go.

“I said what the hell, decided to try out, and I did,” says Amoré. “I was one of two people to be accepted. That was my first foray into actual burlesque.”

Dis’Asster came to the trade in a different manner.

“I haven’t always been dancing. I was one of those kids who was always involved in everything from kickboxing to Taekwondo,” she explains.

But there was a very specific influence that set her on the path to becoming Dis’Asster.

“When I was 13, I discovered Suicide Girls and fell in love with the idea of growing up and being a girl who got to be naked and tattooed,” she says. “At 13 years old, that was my dream.”

Much later, Dis’Asster heard about a touring burlesque show run by the Suicide Girls.

“That’s one of the main things that got me introduced to the world — from an outsider’s perspective,” she says.

Her interest in the Suicide Girls also made her want to try modeling, which she finally began persuing about two years ago. That led to a gig doing a photo shoot for promotional materials for local burlesque company Bourbontown Burlesque.

And in addition to modeling for that shoot, Dis’Asster worked as a kitten, a stage hand who picks up discarded clothing and collects tips from the audience, for Bourbontown Burlesque.

“I’m so lucky,” she says. “People ask me all the time how I got into this, and these women worked so hard and so long, and I’m just really, really lucky. I got to meet the right people, who got to introduce me to the right people, and I just worked my butt off. I was kittening for a while and just recently started performing.”

Dessi Dis’Asster | Courtesy of Dessi Dis’Asster

Much of that “kittening” and performing was done with Octo Claw, a troupe that has the busiest performing schedule of any Louisville group.

Amoré got involved with Brunchlesque when she decided she wanted to step outside of Va Va Vixens and see what else the scene had to offer, in part because she was excited by what she was seeing happen in the city.

“The scene has grown so much in the last two or three years. It’s amazing,” she says.

While most burlesque happens later in the evening, giving audiences time to relax with a couple of drinks, neither Amoré or Dis’Asster are worried about serving up sass for the early Sunday show.

“People are still drinking a little bit, though,” says Dis’Asster.

Amoré eating fire | Photo by Larry Green

Amoré concurs: “It’s brunch, so mimosas and bloody marys are required.”

Dis’Asster specifically praises the brunch drinks at Kaiju.

“And they have the best mimosas — pineapple mimosas and mango mimosas, and any combination of them,” she says.

Brunchlesque hits Kaiju, 1004 E. Oak St., on Sunday, Dec. 3, at 1 p.m. (doors open at noon). Tickets are $5, and food is sold separately a la carte. Don’t forget to to brings some crisp dollar bills to tip the performers.

(Full disclosure: This writer performs with Bourbontown Burlesque.)