“Black Beauty” by Fahamu Pecou

Last month, Insider told you about an exhibit opening at the Carnegie Center for Art and History that intended to spark dialogue, civility and understanding. Titled “#BlackArtMatters,” the show features the work of 10 local and national artists and encompasses many mediums — from painting to photography.

It has sparked plenty of dialogue since opening on Feb. 3, and the conversations will continue while it is on display through April 8. On Friday, March 31, however, the Carnegie Center has invited a couple of the artists to participate in a panel discussion on the exhibit, and the event will be led by WFPL’s “Strange Fruit” co-hosts Kaila Story and Jaison Gardner.

“Strange Fruit” hosts Kaila Story and Jaison Gardner | Courtesy of Carnegie Center

The discussion will cover everything from the artists’ backgrounds and methods to their thoughts on how current events inform and shape their work. The participating artists are Fahamu Pecou from Atlanta, and Scheherazade Tillet and Stephen Flemister from Chicago.

Pecou is a painter whose work lately has focused on representations of black masculinity and how the images “define black men across generations and geographical boundaries,” he says in his artist’s statement.

Tillet, meanwhile, is the co-founder and executive director of A Long Walk Home, a Chicago-based nonprofit that uses art to empower young people and help end violence against women. She was named one of Chicago’s 100 Women of Inspiration by Chicago Woman Magazine in 2014.

Flemister is a mixed-media artist who focuses on portraits and figurative painting. He says in his artist’s statement that his work is “concerned with the modern portrait through the lens of contemporary digital culture, and the ways in which we ‘see’ one another and alter our own personal image for public consumption in contemporary culture.”

“Black Girls Good Friday” by Scheherazade Tillet

The discussion promises to be enlightening, to say the least. And with Story and Gardner leading the session, you can be sure that no topic is off limits.

The event is free and open to the public from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Friday, March 31. The Carnegie Center is located at 201 E. Spring St. in New Albany.