We just saw this on the CART website.

The Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation is hosting Dr. John Gilderbloom from the University of Louisville’s Department of Urban & Public Affairs on Wed., June 19.

Gilderbloom, recognized nationally as an expert on New Urbanism, will address CART’s annual meeting.

His topic will be “At the Crossroads: Thriving New Urbanism is Working for Competitor Cities as Louisville Languishes in the Past.”

Dr. John Gilderbloom

Gilderbloom is a critic of the Ohio River Bridges Project and other car-centric infrastructure plans.

Those plans move Louisville away from the increasingly popular New Urbanism concept of walkable neighborhoods and urban density found here in neighborhoods such as NuLu and The Cherokee Triangle.

From the CART website:

(Gilderbloom) will discuss his work in “New Urbanism” highlighting real and measurable progress being made by other US cities toward strengthening urban quality of life. Cities that want to function effectively in the future are addressing economic, social, and environmental challenges through policy choices that encourage walkable, bikeable, and public transit oriented communities with a vibrant urban core. Louisville is currently trailing most cities of similar size by most livability, health, and sustainability metrics and in an era of global change laggards have much to lose. Dr. Gilderbloom will provide data that encourages a vision of real and appropriate change that will help close the gap between Louisville and cities with whom we compete.

CART’s annual meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Clifton Center, 2117 Payne St., in Clifton.

About CART: The Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation is a community service organization serving Kentucky and Southern Indiana. CART was founded in 1992 and is a vocal force in transportation planning for Louisville and Kentucky.