Renderings of Cellar Door Chocolates new headquarters | Courtesy of Glick Strategies

Every three years, Cellar Door Chocolates owner Erika Chavez-Graziano said, she gives herself a new challenge “that almost makes me go crazy.” This year, that challenge is a brand-new headquarters, tasting room and production facility at 1301 W. Main St. in the Portland neighborhood.

Chavez-Graziano will join another local company, Heine Brothers’ Coffee, which moved its headquarters into the former warehouse in Portland in 2016. There is still a third space in the building available for another tenant.

The owner of Shine Contracting, Gregg Rochman, one of the building’s owners, told Insider that he and his partners, including the developer Gill Holland, will invest roughly $1 million to build-out the space for Cellar Door Chocolates.

With the announcement of Cellar Door’s move and the continued clean-up of that building, Rochmann said, “we don’t expect it to take very long” to attract the third tenant.

Cellar Door is expected to cut the ribbon on its new headquarters in September. It will maintain space at Butchertown Market, 1201 Story Ave., and on 601 S. Fourth St. downtown. Cellar Door has 14 full-time employees but plans to add another four.

The new space will allow the business to “be more productive,” said Chavez-Graziano, and allow her to “build my dream kitchen.”

Its production facility is currently located in Butchertown Market, where it occupies about 7,000 square feet. The Portland site is 12,000 square feet.

“This space will propel us into the next 10 years of business,” Chavez-Graziano said.

The headquarters, which will feature “luxurious” deep browns, gold and greens in its design, will serve as the main production facility but also will allow Cellar Door to host small events. The tasting room will be a place where up to 24 people can enjoy chocolate and alcohol pairings and learn how to make truffles, bourbon balls and other confections.

Cellar Door also will have classes for children to make treats for themselves or family members around different holidays.

Chavez-Graziano said she is excited to be part of the “rebirth” of the Portland neighborhood.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer called Cellar Door “really unique” and noted that the neighborhood will continue to grow.

“Businesses are seeing the beauty and advantage of locating in historic Portland, and it’s encouraging to see the new investment and vitality,” Fischer said.

Mike Mays, co-owner of Heine Brothers’ Coffee, expressed his excitement about the addition of Cellar Door Chocolates.

“We needed to add more energy into the buildings,” Mays said.