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Computershare COO Frank Madonna

Computershare COO explains why Louisville won their business

Louisville landing Australian firm Computershare is a big win. Computershare has 14,000 employees globally, and handles financial transactions, including share transfers, for the largest corporations and employee share plans in the world.

IL first broke the news about Computershare considering Louisville last July.

To learn more we interviewed Frank Madonna, the COO of the registry business for Computershare. We met at the downtown offices of Greater Louisville Inc., which was fitting because Madonna said GLI played a big role in the firm’s decision to come here.

Computershare plans to open in Louisville next April, Madonna said, and the company is days away from finalizing its location downtown. The location will be from 40,000 to 50,000 square feet. He also said the firm plans to open with 40-50 employees, and then hire another 200 over the following year — 250 within 18 months.

Madonna won’t officially move here, he said, but will spend extended time in Louisville, as will members of his team.

The firm says its Louisville location will be a combination call center and transaction processing center. Other comparable structures already are operating in Chicago, Jersey City, N.J., Canton, Mass., and College Station, Texas.

But, the basic question: Why Louisville?

Madonna said Louisville was chosen over 300 other cities across the United States. “Access to an educated workforce: We think we can tap into not only new graduates from the universities in the area, but also experienced folks,” he said.

Computershare also liked how downtown was developing, and Mayor Greg Fischer’s vision of Louisville as part of the global business community. “We think Louisville is poised for growth in the business sector,” he said, “and we want to be a part of that.”

He said GLI acted as the city’s and states’s main liaison with Computershare, which is interesting as we had heard not too long ago that wooing new business was no longer part of GLI’s job, but rather that of Louisville Forward. Well, whatever works.


Just hours after The Closing Bell posted Friday morning, Insider Louisville received a call from GLI reiterating that it was Louisville Forward that ultimately closed the deal with Computershare. GLI shared this statement from CEO Kent Oyler:

We are excited to join the Mayor in welcoming Computershare to the fabric of our business community but we are most proud of the seamless way this project transitioned from GLI to Louisville Forward. The first eight months of this deal were handled by GLI through our contract with Louisville Metro government but it was the team at Louisville Forward, along with partners at the State Cabinet for Economic Development, who brought this deal down the backstretch. One of the proudest moments was when we realized the Computershare team didn’t know that the Louisville “team” all worked for different organizations, all they knew was that Louisville was working for them.

Teamwork. Humility. All the feels…