cowThe Flying Cow is headed across the river, taking her funky blackboard and array of premium ice creams to Indiana.

(Sorry, thoughts of The Comfy Cow’s ice cream concoctions always send me into flights of childish fantasy.)

Comfy Cow, the home-grown inspiration of owners Tim Koons-McGree and Roy Koons- McGee, has identified two potential partners for a New Albany location, with the chain of ice cream parlors scheduled to open in early spring of 2014.

In a release, the Koons-McGees stated they’re headed for an expanding New Albany dining scene after the company received multiple requests for an Indiana store.

The store will be at 109 E. Market St. in an old building that once housed a clothing store. The location is now the center of the New Albany dining scene, according to the release.

Since opening successfully in Westport Village in 2009, the owners have expanded to new locations on the University of Louisville campus and on Frankfort Avenue in Clifton.

They’re also reportedly looking at Nashville, Lexington, Columbus and Indianapolis. We have a call in to them and promise to hound them for more updated information, even if it means buzzing through every flavor on their board.

They began exploring the franchise concept earlier this year.

As we told you in July, the Koons-McGees sold their Frankfort Avenue location in July for $700,000 to C & P Real Estate, the Louisville-based investment arm of the Pagano family. Comfy Cow will keep its creamery operation and store at the location in a lease-back agreement with C & P.

The married entrepreneurs and a group of investors, including attorney/investor Chip Hamm, plan to use the equity in the building to begin expanding the chain.

The building sale will allow Comfy Cow executives to begin looking at franchise deals for nearby markets such as Nashville and Lexington, as well as consider proposals from investors in Houston, Charleston, S.C. and other markets.