(Editor’s note: This post was updated at 3:30 p.m. on March 31. Frazier History Museum – that’s the new name – officials sent out a news release today confirming that the DaVinci exhibition will run from May 14 through September 18.)

A major traveling exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci appears headed to Louisville.

The Frazier International History Museum may be getting the “Da Vinci – The Genius” show created by a Melbourne, Australia-based company, Grande Exhibitions.

Frazier officials are advertising for exhibit interns for the show, though the ads don’t give any information about when the show might open in Louisville.

Museum officials did not return calls for comment.

The Grande Exhibitions website describes the da Vinci show as “the most comprehensive exhibition on Leonardo to tour the world. With the assistance of I Genio di Leonard da Vinci Museo (Italy) and Pascal Cotte of Lumiere Technology (France), this exhibition brings to life the genius of Leonardo as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor and philosopher.”

The show includes interactive, life-size replicas of his plans and drawings, according to the site, including the first concepts of the automobile, bicycle, helicopter, glider, parachute, scuba gear, submarine, battle tank and an idealized city.

The exhibition also includes analysis of the Mona Lisa and a high-def recreation of the “The Last Supper.” The firm’s website states that Grand Exhibitions’ traveling exhibitions have “broad mass appeal,” and are large enough to “run autonomously in an avenue with a surcharged entry fee.”

Which sounds to us like a money maker for both parties.

Grande Exhibitions creates and markets a number of exhibits, and it operates permanent da Vinci museums in Italy, one in Florence and one in Venice.

The shows appear to be in high demand, with Grande Exhibitions having opened shows around the world last year in major cities from Colombia to South Korean to Great Britain.

Other Grande Exhibitions include Planet Shark, Secrets of Mona Lisa, Van Gogh Alive and Game On, an exhibition of the “history, culture and future” of video games.

Here are the details from the Frazier’s advertisement:

Exhibit Specialist Intern: Da Vinci -The Genius

The intern will work in the Da Vinci -The Genius exhibit assisting guests with hands on activities and providing information about the exhibit and the Frazier Museum. The Exhibit Specialist Intern plays a very pivotal role in ensuring a positive guest experience.

The intern will be responsible for:

• Assisting visitors with hands on-activities in the exhibit, answering questions, providing guidance about the exhibit

• Keeping supplies in the exhibit stocked

• Overseeing teen volunteers who will be working in the exhibit.

• Assisting in creating the monthly work schedule for the teen volunteers

• Assisting self-guided groups in the exhibit including helping them complete the self study sheet

• Learning background material on Da Vinci in general, the Frazier exhibit, and general information about the Frazier Museum

• Assist the Exhibits Department as needed


• Must enjoy working with the public and be able to speak comfortably to people of all age groups

• Have a passion for history

• Be a leader and able to provide direction to high school age volunteers

• Enrolled in a college or university with a 3.0 GPA ~ College credit available.