By Morgan Lentes | WLKY

The Drug Enforcement Administration is hosting a free conference to educate medical practitioners on the warning signs of opioid abuse.

The Practitioner Diversion Awareness Conference is Monday and Tuesday at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville.

Martin Redd, DEA diversion program manager | Courtesy WLKY

Martin Redd, DEA diversion program manager, said he has several goals for the event.

“They know how to prescribe medicine,” Redd said. “But if we can do what we can to make sure they’re in compliance, and they look for those red flags, or they look for these telltale signs of drug seekers, then that’s going to definitely decrease diversion from happening.”

Redd said there are several red flags that doctors, dentists and veterinarians can look for.

“If there’s a patient coming from a long ways away, or if they have track marks on their arms,” Redd said. “We need them to be aware of these red flags, so they can do their job better.”

Attendees will also learn inventory and record-keeping practices. Practitioners can earn up to eight hours of educational units.

This summer, federal and state officials announced charges against 10 individuals for health care fraud relating to illegal distribution of controlled substances in Kentucky as part of a nationwide crackdown aimed at combating the nation’s opioid epidemic.