Kevlan working on a Eureka! comic

Kevlan Goodner working on a Eureka! comic

Comic Book fans from the Derby City and beyond will join forces this Saturday, June 29, at the Kentucky International Convention Center for the third annual Derby City Comic Con (DCCC).

Convention-goers will be treated to a variety of awesome activities, exciting vendors, and one-of-kind panel experiences. Fans can meet artists from fan favorites like Captain American, X-Men, Green Lantern, and The Walking Dead.

And of course, there will be cosplay galore, offering you the chance to see some amazing costumed characters in the flesh. Just remember to ask politely before you take pictures. Most cosplayers are not professionals, just enthusiastic fans with a knack for sewing.

The vendors section will have over a hundred booths and offer a colorful array of comic books, statues, buttons, action figures, tee shirts, posters and memorabilia.

If you can pry yourself away from the eye-popping merchandise you can sit in on a panel or two.

This year’s panels offer a variety subjects. You can learn to create your own comics, learn about Steampunk, or catch a showing of the original film Zach Cooper’s Epic Speedrun. “What’s So Great About Comic Books” will give you pointers on how to introduce new friends to comics, even if they mistakenly think comics are just for kids.

Of course there will be plenty for the kids to do, including a dedicated kids’ area and a costume contest just for them.

Adults will have the chance to support their super hero habit and a great charity by participating in a silent auction to benefit Kosair’s Children’s Hospital.

DCCC is also a great chance for fans to find out about incredible comics books being created right here in Louisville.

Kevlen Goodner, chief creative director of Eureka! Comic Labs and the man behind their comic Mr. Nobody, took time out from getting ready for Saturday to share a few thoughts with Insider Louisville about DCCC.

IL: Does having a homegrown comic convention help local creators?

KG: For local creators, and fans as well, you can’t say enough about what Derby City has done…. 4 years ago, when we started to hear about it, there was a resurgence of creative energy, people jumping back in, we didn’t know what to expect.

It turned into a regional love fest between creators, see what your peers are doing,

IL: What is the future of DCCC?

KG: It can’t go anywhere but up, can’t do anything but grow.

IL: What is your favorite thing about the con?

KG:¬† [DCCC] is a unique thing, it’s a one day event, and that’s cool because it puts the focus on creators immediately, as soon as you walk through the door, it focuses on indie folks, and what the vibe is.

You can catch Kevlen at DCCC where he will be hyping Eureka’s new Kickstarter, Gamers vs Zombies, the story of a group of gamers using their unique skills to survive the apocalypse.

Starting this Friday you can give Eureka! Comics some cash to help make the Kickstarter happen.

DCCC’s Director, Chuck Moore, also answered a few of our questions.

IL: What is the best part of running a con?

CM: Two things for me. First and foremost the community. I love comic creators and some of my very best friendships have been in the world of comics. Second, I love helping shine a spotlight on creators who can’t get attention on other sites or at other shows.

I love the DIY small press/indie creator culture that exists in the world of comics. I founded the website Comic Related in 2004 to shine a spotlight on small press creators who couldn’t get attention on the main comic news and review websites.

IL: What are your dreams for the future of the con?

I feel that this year marks a turning point for the show. We are hitting that ceiling where we are doing about as much as we can with the space and type of show we are. A one-day show has limits, and I think three years in we’re right where we should be.

That said, we’ve begun laying out a five-year plan with the convention center. We’re going to be doing a pre-con party Friday night where we will be making some very big announcements and hosting members of the media, but it is also a public event.

A couple announcements are a bit jaw-dropping honestly.

Enjoy all the comic book chicanery this Saturday at the Kentucky International Exposition Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Or you can purchase tickets early online and get a jump on the crowds with early admission.