Against the Grain small bites

When I say “crawl,” you might think “babies” or you might think “pub” – and you’re two totally different people depending on your response.

But if Allison Taylor has her way, when foodie Louisvillians hear “crawl,” they’ll think “dish.”

After sell-out Dishcrawls in NuLu and on Fourth Street downtown, Dishcrawl Louisville is headed to St. Matthews for their next event.

What’s a Dishcrawl?

Dishcrawl is a startup company out of San Jose, California that employs local Ambassadors like Taylor throughout North America to arrange and lead people through progressive dining experiences.

What’s progressive dining? It’s a fancy way of saying that you eat each course of your meal at a different restaurant. In this case, four different restaurant.

I was lucky enough to tag along during a recent NuLu Dishcrawl. Taylor, our local Louisville Dishcrawl Ambassador, was delightful and went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a good time.

We had three bite-sized appetizers at Against The Grain, two tacos at Taco Punk, three more small bites at Rye and finished up with chocolates and a wee pie at Ghyslain.

We walked from restaurant to restaurant and clocked about a mile doing so. (That probably worked off the wee pie.)

Ghyslain delights including the wee pie.

But by far the best part of the event, especially as a solo-goer, was meeting new people. Even if you bring a small group of people, expect to share tables with and talk to other Crawlers.

Dishcrawls can accommodate vegetarians and will try to accomodate other diets, but ask before you book.

The St. Matthews event on May 28 will be their third in three months (more if you count the fact that Taylor had to add a second NuLu date because of demand). It starts at 7 p.m. and 48 hours before the event, you’ll be told where to meet.

Next up is a return to Fourth Street on June 12. The last Fourth Street Discrawl visited Makers Mark Lounge, Gordon Biersch, Theatre Square Marketplace and Art Eatables. It’s unlikely that there will be repeat stops on this new Dishcrawl. (Great Father’s Day date night, by the way.)

Tickets are $45 and are in limited supply. You can purchase them online.